Presentation of the Grassrootsmobilise programme at the ‘International Congress on Religious Pluralism Management’

30-31 January 2014

Madrid, Casa Árabe

Organiser: Observatorio del Pluralismo Religioso en España

The Observatorio brought together at this forum representatives and leaders of State and municipal institutions, international institutions and organisations, religious denominations and national and international researchers from over 12 countries to debate on religious pluralism management from different perspectives. The main objective of this meeting was to provide public managers and policy makers a forum for the exchange of models and practices of management in an international framework.

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Presentation at the seminar on ‘Political modernity and the responses of contemporary Orthodox theology’

16-17 January 2014

Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (IWM), Vienna, Austria

Organiser: Institute for Human Sciences Vienna and the University of Vienna (Departments of Social Ethics and of Political Sciences)

This workshop brought together leading scholars in theology and the study of Orthodox Christian Churches across Europe and the United States for a highly topical discussion of the ways in which Orthodox Christianity today understands and relates to the political. In virtue of the relational triangle church-state-people, this workshop raised, amongst other questions, the following: Do Orthodox Churches conceive of this triangle in terms of the church, state and a people or in terms of church, state and persons? What is the difference between these two options and the consequences for an Orthodox political theology? How do Orthodox Churches conceive of the state and its role for human well – being? How do Orthodox Churches think about themselves, about the role and place of the church and its social function in a pluralistic society?

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