Presentation at the Conference ‘Religious Diversity and Tolerance in Europe and Turkey’

6 June 2014

London School of Economics

Organiser: Chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies, London School of Economics

07_0625 Cont Turkish RGB

This conference brought together scholars who work on related issues regarding religious pluralism in Turkey and in different countries across Europe. The aim was to understand the larger socio-political processes and discourses that shape and define religious diversity with an emphasis on similarities and differences.

In this context, Effie presented a paper on ‘Religious Freedom versus national identity’, which developed the notion that many religious freedom limitations are strongly linked to the often banal but not always benign expressions of the relationship between religion and national identity (whether that relationship be positive, as in the Greek or Norwegian case, or negative, as in the French or Turkish cases).

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Presentation of the Grassrootsmobilise programme at the University of Uppsala

11 June 2014

Uppsala, Sweden

uppsalaOrganiser: Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University

As part of her guest lectureship this year at the Faculty of Theology of Uppsala University, Effie gave a seminar presentation on the Grassrootsmobilise programme to a group of PhD students working on the intersections between religion and law. In late September she will return to Uppsala to deliver a lecture related to the Grassrootsmobilise programme as well as to contribute to the Masters students’ research training programme.

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