Grassrootsmobilise ‘In the Field’ Meeting


19/06/2015 – 20/06/2015

Fougaro, Nafplio, Greece

Organiser: ELIAMEP

On the 19th and 20th June 2015 Eliamep hosted the team members and the post-doctoral researchers, as well as Professor Ruud Koopmans and Advisory Board member Dr. Dilek Kurban, for the third meeting of the Grassrootsmobilise Research Programme, in Nafplio, Greece. The programme members met at the Fougaro cultural centre to discuss the progress of the researcher’s interview research in Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey and their preliminary results, as well as to plan for the next stages of the research.

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Participation in the Conference on ‘The Governance of Religious Diversity, More or Less Secularism?’

10-12 June 2015

Sala Europa, Villa Schifanoia

The European University Institute conference entitled ‘The Governance of Religious Diversity More or Less Secularism?’ examined four main research questions: Is the best way to deal with religious diversity to accept more religion in public life for both majorities and minorities or to move towards radical secularism? Is there a principled, normative answer to this question or is it a matter of context and issues at hand? Thus, under some conditions more religion is desirable and in others more secularism must apply and our decisions shall be framed differently depending on whether we discuss gender relations or blasphemy/freedom of expression laws? What can we learn from policies and practices in the Middle East and Asia where religious plurality has for long periods been the norm rather than the exception? Since religion can neither be wholly privatised nor allowed to dominate political life, what are the best ways of accommodating it in a democratic society? What are the “battlefields” of religious diversity in the years to come?

Principle Investigator Effie Fokas participated in the roundtable discussion on ‘Identifying Battlefields for the Next Decade’.

For more information about this conference, please see here.

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Presentation at the International Conference on ‘Political Orthodoxy and Totalitarianism in a post-Communist Era’

28-31 May 2015

Cultural Center Sofia, Helsinki

This conference, organized by the Volos Academy for Theological Studies in cooperation with the Orthodox Christian Studies Center, Fordham University (New York, USA); the Chair of Orthodox Theology, Münster University (Germany); the Romanian Institute for Inter-Orthodox, Inter-Confessional and Inter-Religious Studies (INTER, Cluj-Napoca, Romania); the St Andrews Biblical Theological Institute (Moscow); the Institute for the Study of Culture and Christianity (Belgrade, Serbia); the Sankt Ignatios Theological Academy (Stockholm, Sweden); and the European Forum of the Orthodox Schools of Theology (EFOST, Brussels), considered issues related to totalitarianism, the demand for freedom and democracy, the concept and the reality of “Political Orthodoxy,” and the current position of the Orthodox Church within the context of the post-communist era, with the main, but not exclusive, focus on Eastern and Central Europe. Among the issues addressed were the relationship between Orthodoxy and Democracy, Orthodoxy and human rights, Orthodoxy and political liberalism, secularism, theological education, religious, national, and cultural pluralism and the challenges that these diverse realities pose to the Orthodox Church and its theological discourse concerning its self- understanding.

Principle Investigator Effie Fokas presented a paper on ‘The Challenge of Pluralism in Orthodoxy’.

Please find the Conference Programme here.

For further information about this Conference please see here.

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