Report on Religious Education

Margarita Markoviti, 25 April 2018

This report presents the details and timeline of the question of religious education in Greece. It focuses on the two most salient issues around religious education today: the exemption procedure from and the content and objectives of the class of religious education. The report finally discusses the ways in which these issues are addressed in the recent appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (Papageorgiou and Others v Greece), in which the applicants, who are not Christian Orthodox, complain that their daughters have to follow the confessional class of religious education in primary school and in high school, and, in asking for exemption from the class, that they are moreover forced to openly declare their convictions. The Greek Council of State has postponed the hearing of their case repeatedly (most recently on April 26, 2018), so the applicants will now appeal directly to the Strasbourg Court.

Greece – Report on Religious Education

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