Professor Haldun Gülalp

Haldun Gülalp recently retired as Professor of Political Science at Yıldız Technical University, and is currently chair of the Global Studies and Class Strategies (GSCS) research group, in Istanbul, Turkey. He holds doctoral degrees in Economics from Ankara University and in Sociology from Binghamton University.

Previously, he taught sociology at Hamilton College in New York (1990-1994) and at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul (1996-2005). He also taught as visiting professor at George Washington University (2000), University of Washington at Seattle (2000), Northwestern University (2006), and UCLA (2009, 2012), and held research fellowships at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2002-2003) and St Antony’s College of Oxford University (2005).

Haldun’s primary areas of research include state formation and citizenship, sociology of religion and religious movements, and the comparative study of secularism. He has published widely in these fields, including the following books: Religion, Identity and Politics: Germany and Turkey in Interaction (editor, with Günter Seufert), London: Routledge (2013); Citizenship and Ethnic Conflict: Challenging the Nation-State (editor), London: Routledge, (2006); and Kimlikler Siyaseti:Türkiye’de Siyasal İslamın Temelleri, (Politics of Identities: Foundations of Political Islam in Turkey), Istanbul: Metis Yayınları, (2003). Some recent articles include: ‘Citizenship and Democracy beyond the Nation-State?’ in Cultural Dynamics, 25(1), 2013; ‘Secularism in the Age of Globalization: The AKP and the Revival of the Ottoman Legacy’ in Riva Kastoryano (ed.), Turkey between Nationalism and Globalization, London: Routledge (2013); ‘Religion on my Mind: Secularism, Christianity and European Identity’ in Haldun Gülalp and Günter Seufert (2013); and ‘Secularism and the European Court of Human Rights’ in European Public Law, 16(3), 2010.