Single ECtHR Case Study Reports

The study of individual ECtHR cases emanating from each of the country studies in Grassrootsmobilise offers a vantage point on the role of mobilisations in the full life circle of a given case, from its inception (and the influences on that inception) to its aftermath, in terms of further mobilisations inspired by the case (or not, as the case may be). With one such case selected in each country study, this aspect of our research is not designed to generate generalisable conclusions but, rather, to contribute to our understanding of how individual cases tend to fit into much broader stories of mobilisation before and/or after the case in question. The research entails in-depth interviews with key actors in the particular cases and with actors in cases inspired by these, as well as careful study of the relevant case law from the local, national and European level. The cases selected for this in-depth study are Vallianatos v. Greece, Costa and Pavan v. Italy, Sindicatul Pastorul cel Bun v. Romania, and Ercep v. Turkey.

Greece – Single ECtHR Case Study Report

Italy – Single ECtHR Case Study Report

Romania – Single ECtHR Case Study Report

Turkey – Single ECtHR Case Study Report