Grassrootsmobilise independent session, APSA Annual Conference

On the occasion of the APSA Annual Conference that took place in San Francisco from 31 August to 3 September 2017, the Grassrootsmobilise research team organised an independent session with a number of distinguished academics also participating in the APSA conference and working on or around related issues.

The session was held on 31 August at the Westin Hotel, where the Grassrootsmobilise team was joined by Michael McCann, Erik Voeten, Bogdan Mihai Radu, Lisa Conant, Nicholas Tampio, Courtney Hillebrecht, Ayelet Shachar, Clifford Bob, and Guy Ben-Porat.

Effie Fokas presented her research on ‘Awareness about religion at the European Court of Human Rights at the grassroots level’, followed by feedback from Michael McCann. Dia Anagnostou then gave a presentation on ‘The domestic implementation of European Court of Human Rights judgments related to religious minorities’, with Erik Voeten acting as discussant. Finally Liviu Andreescu’s presentation on ‘The influence (or lack of it) of European Court of Human Rights in domestic struggles around religion and education: a comparison of Greece, Italy, Turkey and Romania’ was discussed by Bogdan Mihai Radu. The presentations were followed by a highly fruitful general discussion.

Recording available upon request.