Preliminary Media Study Results

We have conducted a systematic study of references to the ECtHR in national mainstream print media, designed to contribute to our understanding of how much information about the Court is published in widely-read papers, as well as to our understanding of discourse and mobilisations of relevant actors around the Court and its religion-related case law.

The study covers both media discourse, and the voices of relevant social actors as recorded in the media. It is a quantitative study, recording references to the ECtHR in relation to our selected issue areas (religion and education; legal status of religious minorities; LGBT-related issues in all but the Turkish case; and conscientious objection in the Greek and Turkish cases only). The study was conducted in five mainstream newspapers in each of the four country case studies, broadly representing the political spectrum within the ‘mainstream’ qualification, and as far back as the archives go for each paper from 1993 onwards.

The newspapers covered for the Greek case study were Avgi, Efimerida ton Syntakton, Eleftherotypia, Ethnos and Kathimerini. The Italian researchers looked at La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, L’Unità, Libero and Avvenire. The newspapers examined for the Romanian case study were Adevărul, Evenimentul zilei, Gândul, Hotnews and Jurnalul National. Finally, the Turkish newspapers covered were Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet, Milliyet, Sabah and Yeni Safak.

The media study is a work-in-progress. For the Romanian case study we present a separate aspect of the study, to be explored for all the case studies as this work develops. You can find charts based on the preliminary results of the media study here:

Report on Preliminary Media Study Results