Analysis and Dissemination

In this this stage of the programme, the data generated by the research will be analysed from a number of perspectives and applied to address such questions as:

To what extent can we describe the ECtHR as a democratic and transparent institution in the domain of religious freedom and one close to the European citizen? To what extent are grassroots mobilisations at the local and national level reflective of decisions taken by the European Court of Human Rights? To what extent do grassroots mobilisations around religion issues impact upon developments at the European level? And related to the latter, to what extent do grasstops mobilisations influence the Court’s conceptions of religious freedom?

Responses to the above questions will form the basis of conference and seminar presentations, journal articles and a series of books, authored and co-authored by the members of the research team. The entire research team will work together and individually to address these questions in the data analysis process, in the dissemination activities and in publications.