Acura nsx 1993 for sale

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We're sorry, our experts haven't reviewed this car yet. Check back with us soon. Showing 6 of 64 reviews. Although I dont drive it often, it is an amazing every Acura nsx 1993 for sale driver easy to maintain. I have currently km miles on it and enjoyed every one of them. No cup holders. Doesn't get 35 mpg Fun to drive and own! I've owned this Acura for several years and I get nothing but complements! Driving around town, I could be citied with a ticket for causing unnecessary accidents and neck injuries from drivers in the opposite lanes doing a "double take" look at this NSX!

Justs sweet looking and drive ride that growls when you accelerate and when the VTec kicks in. It handles like a true sportscar! Ground clearance is not an issue due to the de Tire clearance? I'm running 18x9. One of my female clients saw me in the NSX and said the car looks sexy! I once parked my Acura next to a brand new red corvette and boy, did people flock to the NSX. The NSX has this nostalgic look that just doesn't seem to look outdated Aloha and Mahalo!!! Classic styling; collectible; appreciating; raw. The Acura NSX is a modern-day collectible.

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It's styling is classic, and won't be matched by new des due to safety regulations. It is a piece of automotive history, and will forever be so.

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This is the last of the raw 2-seater exotics that can be had with a manual transmission--and the only one that is reliable and reasonable in maintenance requirements. Many have gone past themile mark with no major expenses. While the performance s don't match the modern-day offerings, the performance is still exhilarating and Acura nsx 1993 for sale will still hit in as low as 4. But the s don't tell the whole story. You have NOT driven a sports car until you have driven something like this. You have not experienced an exotic sports car until you have driven something like this.

It is light-weight, has an all-aluminum body, and a high-revving V6 with titanium connecting rods. The engine screams right behind your head, and the noises are intoxicating. With all of that going on just inches above the ground, you are really getting something unique.

If you had to compare it to a modern-day rival, it's like a mini Mclaren MPC in terms of experience, although it is much more raw and provides much more driver involvement.

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Value, speed, handling, comfort, looks, rarity. This car is fast, quiet, handles like it is on rails, and everyone loves it. When I fill it up, people always come over and want to ask what it is, how fast is it, is it ok to take a picture, etc. Drove from Denver to Austin with AC on, never below 75 mph, up to mph for a couple of miles, it never got below Acura nsx 1993 for sale mpg. Good stereo, cold AC, very comfortable seats. I have had 68 cars, this is my favorite. I have had Jags, Mercedes, Corvettes, etc, this is the best car of all.

Very well built, very balanced, great quality, Honda parts are cheap compared to the Euro supercars. In they made of them. At least 6 are totaled, exclusivity in spades. The NSX is the best value exotic sports car in the world.

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Ride, handling, comfort and looks are outstanding. It has the reliability of a Honda and the feel of a Ferrari. All I have ever had to do is normal maintenance. What a joy to drive.

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The last time I was in for regular service, there was 2 NSX's in for service that each had over ,00 miles on them. I asked the mechanic what he doing to them, the answer was normal service, that's all they need. Nuff said!!

The sound of the engine is intoxicating! Year Year. Used Acura NSX. Change Vehicle. View Gallery. Cars For Sale. Write a Review.

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Trending Topics in KBB. Recommends this vehicle. Was this review helpful? Great car. Kenny Paul. See All 64 Reviews. Compare to Similar Vehicles. Compare More. Curb Weight. Alloy Wheels. Fuel Economy. Cruise Control. CD Player. Power Windows. Driver Airbag Passenger Airbag. Not Available. Driver Front. Passenger Front. Front Side. Rear Side. Combined Fuel Economy. V6, 3. MPG Combined. Consumer Ratings. Other Subcompact Coupes.

Acura nsx 1993 for sale

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