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One of the great things about Chiang Mai is that all of the shopping centres are really kid friendly.

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From big box supercentres, to the big malls, there will always be something for your child ren to do, like playing arcade games! Looking for other indoor activities for kids in Chiang Mai? Check out our top picks! The arcades are a nice way to spend some time out of the heat, or rain or to stem complaints of shopping boredom.

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Do you know many kids or teens that actually enjoy going shopping? I certainly loathed being dragged around for shopping of any kind — food, clothing, etc. It would have been so much better if I had had something fun to look forward to.

A promise of a quick arcade game, or an arcade ride can make the whole shopping experience more enjoyable and give everyone something to look forward to. There are many games that you can play with your kids too! Arcades are also a great place for teenagers to Arcade chiang mai in Chiang Mai where they can blow off steam with a shooting, racing, dancing or karaoke game. The arcade is Arcade chiang mai next to the indoor playground on the 4th floor and you have to pass through it to access the playground.

There are also rides where you sit on an animal or a dinosaur and ride around the upper floor outside of this area. This arcade is really for younger kids aged 4 — 8 years old and it appears to be deed to entertain siblings who are disinterested in, or are too tall to go in the soft playground. There are a few arcade games teenagers or tweens might like such as air hockey, a shoot em up type game, and a racing game. Beside every soft play zone near the food court in every Big C is an arcade. The arcades usually have games and rides for all ages!

Big C on the superhighway has the most range of games across age groups and is the most teenager friendly, while the Big C close to Mae Hia and Big C Extra have arcade games geared towards younger children aged 2 — 8 years old. The arcades are a genius idea if both parents go shopping; one can keep the kids busy in the arcade or indoor playground while the other parent gets the shopping done. The arcade has just reopened in proper form on the 4th floor near the movie Arcade chiang mai and is right beside the new incredible playground!

This is one of the best arcades for tweens and teens in Chiang Mai! Closer to the movie theatre is a small arcade with basketball, shoot em up type games, air hockey and more, meant for the older kids to hang out in. Out front of the new arcade are dance p where teens love to memorize the dance moves and compete against high scores. Then there are the karaoke pods that look state of the art. Kararoke is a huge part of the culture here, so why not give it a shot?

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The rest of the arcade has games where you try to get toys, or there are rides aimed at little kids, and there are racing games too! Purchase tokens at the main desk. Near the food court is every Tesco Lotus in Chiang Ma you will find an arcade. Games also cost between 10 — 20 baht a go.

Have some change handy!

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The arcades are located in Building B on the first level and on the second floor in the same area as the indoor playground. The bottom floor arcade is really about getting a stuffed animal toy, while the upper level arcade would entertain all ages with its rides, games, air hockey and more! This arcade is a bit strange.

Make sure you have change or small bills ready to get change at the counter. This is the biggest, greatest and best arcade in Chiang Mai! There are karaoke pods, basketball games, shooting and racing games, and dance competition games too. You can find this massive arcade on the top floor next Arcade chiang mai the food court.

Games cost between baht. Simply purchase tokens at a token machine and off you go! Guide to arcades in Chiang Mai. Best arcades in Chiang Mai One of the great things about Chiang Mai is that all of the shopping centres are really kid friendly. Guide to top arcades in Chiang Mai The arcades are a nice way to spend some time out of the heat, or rain or to stem complaints of shopping boredom.

Here is what to expect at Arcade chiang mai arcades in Chiang Mai and where to find them. Arcade at Maya Mall. Each game costs between 10 — 20 baht and you purchase tokens at the counter. Arcades at Big C. Games and rides cost only 10 — 20 baht a go, just make sure you have change ready! Arcades at Central Airport Plaza Mall.

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Tesco arcades. Arcade at Promenada Mall. Tokens can be purchased at the counter and cost 10 or 20 baht each.

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Arcade at Central Festival Chiang Mai. Arcade locations in Chiang Mai.

Arcade chiang mai

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