Architect dating site

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Nobody knows they exist. They look at their weekly calendars and see whole elevations of windows for lunches unlunched, meetings unmeetinged. They never set their mobile phones to silent.

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Many businesses have sprung up to help solve this problem and team up lonely architects with their fantasy clients. Lonely architects photos of how they want to be seen, and hope someone will fancy them. Comments are invited.

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Despite wanting their love, some architects are only in it for the short term. Some are only in it for the money. Equally, there are also traps for architects. Some clients just want to be seen with a piece of architect candy. The trouble with websites is that they attract all the wrong sort of people. What architects are really looking for is somebody like themselves.

The competition circuit is the speed dating of the architectural world. Your project Architect dating site put in front of real people.

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Possibly even for a minute. Better hurry!

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A few days ago was a notification from Architectural Review to make sure to submit my project for their annual house awards. These are the people who will want to see how sincere you are? And that the search engines and social media sites cream advertising revenue off user-provided content.

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No architectural website needs 70, views per month. In some whale and plankton kind of way, these sites and competitions must function as advertising in the traditional sense as architects each website mention to their entire client base as if it were somehow equivalent to sending ed monographs as Architect dating site of accomplishment. And good luck to them. Meanwhile, the pressure to hook up continues without interruption or mercy.

New competitions raise new hopes the next one is going to work. In the Punch cartoon, which man is the lonely Architect: 1. I went back for another look. I saw the man in black as the architect and the hat-in-hand man as the potential client.

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MIB is also on a swivel chair and the client not. Otherwise, the cartoonist is spot-on. Playing hard to get by proposing stupidly high fees is what architects do when they are already in several successful relationships. Thanks David. Like this: Like Loading Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

Architect dating site

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