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Powered by neoforums v3. Thread title From Last replied Now searching Forgot your password? Remember me. Follow neoseeker. All Batman Forums. Options: Share Print subscribe. How tall is this thing?! NeoXtreme total posts: since: Mar Relentless 85 total posts: neopoints: since: Aug That sucks, dude. I played the beta, and really kind of enjoyed it I actually didn't like playing as Batman or Robin. In the beta, they were way too squishy and when Joker and Bane came out, they were both overpowered.

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The biggest problem is the wait for the room to be full. It actually feels like only 10 people in the entire world are playing this game, which is total bullshit. It generally takes me at least 30 minutes to connect to my first match when I want to play online, and that is inexcusable considering some days I can only play for a couple of hours. Sometimes you get into the game and someone quits mid-match and you get stuck in a ridiculous migration sequence that either doesn't work and kicks you to the menu, or gets stuck in an infinite loop.

Then you have the totally random disconnection issues where youre kicked to the menu in the middle of a match. You know its coming when you put bullets into a guy's face and he just stands there, unmoving for about 10 seconds and then the screen changes and youre back to lobby hopping.

Then when you do get into a stable game, and find that there are ridiculously leveled players in there that literally shred you instantly, it just sucks the fun out of the game. As you build credits you Batman arkham origins online matchmaking get gear that reduces damage you take from both bullets and grenades, as well as recharges your abilities faster. A huge advantage over players just starting out. Batman is halfway decent in that he has some ways to get KO's without actually engaging right away.

The explosive Batarang can take out anyone near it, and the multiple batarangs can knock down everyone in the group allowing you to get a couple KOs and take off. Robin is just pure shit. Once people figure out the maps, youre not getting any easy takedowns with him.

You cannot be taken down if youre in the middle of a roll. So when you have to go through places that have an inverted takedown ledge, you just simply sprint, and then roll under the ledge to pass by completely immune to the takedown. I think I was in one match as Batman where my hero team won, and it was so frustrating. I would be racking up KO's and filling the meter, and the guy displaying a Batman arkham origins online matchmaking attempt to play as Robin kept getting killed and depleting the meter as fast as I could fill it. We were playing against a bunch of lone wolves who weren't sticking together so they were pretty easy pickings.

The only reason we won is because I finally got him to use his scrambler on the command post at one end, and I used mine on the other, so when the Bane thugs spawned they were all together and I came in behind them and did KO smashes to them while they were distracted by the Joker gang. If youre playing with lone wolves, or dumbasses in general, the game is sheer agony.

If youre a gang member, you "fight on the flag" and keep the command posts, not run off by yourself and die in a corner or get your teeth knocked in by Batman. So annoying to have a command post nearly turned to your side and your teammates just leave you there alone so that the 3 dudes from the opposing gang can come in and blitz kill you and take the post back.

If you see the meter getting full for Batman and Batman arkham origins online matchmaking, youre supposed to stop fighting each other and focus on them, to get kills on them and drop their intimidation meter. Yeah, Im just shooting in the sky to give away my position. If your reinforcements are at 0, youre basically down to your last life and your teammates, when killed, will not respawn. You don't go after opposing gang members on your own if youre the last guy standing.

You bide your time, kick on your enhanced vision, and try like hell to find and kill Bats or Robin to bring your team back to help you. On the other side of that, when you play as Batman and Robin, and Batman arkham origins online matchmaking see that the gangs are both at 0 reinforcements, when the one side is down to their last man, one of you needs to "take one for the team" and get wasted by that lone guy, so that his other two teammates spawn in, and keep the match alive. You lose a bit of intimidation, sure, but it keeps the match going and now you have more targets to KO.

KO's don't deplete reinforcements, only kills by the other gang does. I think its a shitty mechanic at times where you have to actually intentionally die as Batman or Robin to keep your chances of winning alive, but hey.

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It is what it is. I just want the damn skin. I generally hate playing MP with randoms anyway, but I don't have 7 friends who have this game, let alone who would all be playing at the same time. Once I Batman arkham origins online matchmaking that magical level 30 and unlock that suit, Im never touching this mode again.

Kill 'em with kindness. I agree with pretty much everything here. The first few matches of playing if you can even find a match are horrific. The balancing is terrible, the best I could do was stick to one of my teammates like glue and try to snag enough kills with the SMG to unlock equipment and the Assault Rifle.

I find the game enjoyable now I have a usable weapon and a bit of knowledge on where to go, what to do etc. It's just the matchmaking stopping me from playing. It seems like nobody else from the UK plays this game at all. Just yesterday for instance, I searched throughout the day every couple of hours and found nothing more than a single player at a time.

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I tried to find a match at about 4am, 10pm Central Time I think, and I was greeted with a full lobby in under 5 minutes. After that I managed to find 4 different matches to play in, looking at their Gamercards they were all from the states.

It sucks that I have to stay up so late just to find a match. I hope they do something about the matchmaking,but I'm not too sure they will. There was nothing in the past 2? Guess I'll have to stick it out for Batman arkham origins online matchmaking achievements and hopefully get those 2 insanely hard to get ones.

I finally found a point where the gameplay becomes more tolerable. Level 18, you get the Battle Rifle, which is pretty balanced, and despite the first shots going nowhere near your target, the rest seem to hit true and with decent power. Unlocking upgrades to your slot items helps a lot as well. The RC bomb for the Joker gang is quite devastating just make sure you actually go into the menu and select to invert abilitiesand the UAV for the Bane gang is really good once you are able to pilot it.

Level 3's dart allows 2 of the proximity darts to be active at once, and when you place them in high traffic areas the XP just rolls in. It cools down fast, and on maps like Blackgate Prison where the center control point is hotly contested, that is just a goldmine for XP. I have 2 levels left to go before I max out Bane's gang, and 14 before I max out Joker's gang. Another problem I have with the game is that despite setting my preference to the Joker gang, I keep getting switched over to the Bane gang after one or two matches.

Once I have Bane's gang at level 30, each time this happens its going to be a complete waste of time when Im needing to level the Joker gang. I suspect that this may be what is happening with the difficulty in getting matches. Batman arkham origins online matchmaking may seem like only 10 people in the world are playing at one time, because it may be exactly the case. If this mode had no Batsuit reward for playing, I would not be playing it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Red Dead Redemption 2. Ryse: Son of Rome.

Story of Seasons Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Stinger How tall is this thing?! Blackest Night. DC's answer to Marvel Zombies showcased Batman as one of the undead and the look was badass. Sadly, what stands between you and this cool looking skin is the abomination known as Arkham Origins: Online. This mode is by far one of the worst, tacked on features of a game that Ive ever seen. The idea is great, but the execution is so poor that the only reason that anyone will even mess with this is simply Batman arkham origins online matchmaking unlock Batman arkham origins online matchmaking Night without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a simple costume.

To begin this review, Ill start off with the date. Attempting to start an online session would simply place me into a lobby by myself where I would wait for minutes with no players ing. In rare instances, I would get one, sometimes two players at the maximum to enter, but who would exit when it became clear that nobody else was entering the lobby.

Today, out of sheer morbid curiosity, I decided to give the game a try and much to my surprise, I was actually put into a lobby with six other players, and only needed to wait about six minutes or so for the final player to enter the room, for the maximum total of eight players. I was shocked. So I get into the match and I quickly discover the balancing issues.

Apparently you get some really great stuff at higher levels, which literally decimates players just starting out. About two bullets from these players was enough to put me down, and take a reinforcement off the board for my team, whether I was playing as a gang member, Hero, or Villain.

It was quite honestly the most one sided shit show Ive ever experienced. Now to its credit, the game mixes the teams every round. However, someone is always on the wrong end of that max level character. Its honestly this, or you just don't get to play. Should you get disconnected through a horrific host migration system, it will take you ages to get back into another full game, and usually it involves inviting, or receiving invites from the players you were just with.

The matchmaking is so bad, it makes it seem as if your group is the only eight people in the world that are playing this game right now. Now, on to the reason you play. You have to prestige in order to unlock Blackest Night. So that means you need to hit level 30 with both Joker and Bane's gang. Your piece of crap level 1 SMG sprays inaccurate fire everywhere, and even if it does land a hit or two the damage is so poor Batman arkham origins online matchmaking you aren't going to get a kill if both of you saw one another at the same time. So the game simply becomes a slog. Do what you can in order to get XP, taking over command posts, jamming command posts, and finishing matches as you will get XP at the end of every match no matter what.

Each round, the players that play as Batman and Robin are randomly selected by a spinning wheel. However, our heroes are merely shells of their former selves, as players with guns can literally decimate you in the blink of an eye. Elites get enhanced vision, just like Bats and Boy Wonder so they can see where everyone is, albeit for a short time and it needs to be recharged after.

Heroes are capable of instant takedowns, but against players with half a brain cell that use teamwork, they are severely outmatched. While doing a takedown, you are locked into an animation, and its very easy to shoot and kill that hero even before the player is even taken out. Dropping smoke does nothing, as you just shoot where you know they are and in a couple shots, they are dead.

Batman arkham origins online matchmaking

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