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Being a fat girl in this skinny-obsessed world can get rough sometimes, especially when it comes to dating. Our society can't handle the fact that a woman can exist, fall in love, and be desired without having insecurities about her body.

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There's unsolicited advice on weight everywhere a fat girl goes, from the doctors who would rather fat shame you than treat you for your throat infection to random relatives, who blatantly tell you that you will never find love or get married because of your weight. You need to really listen to me when I say that none of this is true. You just need to shut the negative voices down, and believe that you and your body are deserving of love, respect, and desire just like any other body! Fat is an ugly word to many.

People would rather dissociate themselves from the terms fat and plus sized than own it, which lends these words the unwarranted power to Big girl skinny guy people's self esteem. From personal experience, I know that when it comes to love and even lusta person's weight plays very little role. But, there's an existing prejudice in our society that prefers men's 'imperfections' over women in every way, especially physically.

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If you happen to be a fat girl dating a tall, thin guy the insecurities are sometimes bound to creep in, and that is perfectly normal. You will have to learn to silence the nagging voice of self-doubt in your head.

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You will need to tell yourself that you're enough, a hundred times a day if needed, till Big girl skinny guy message finally sinks in! It does get difficult sometimes. Pop culture has been propagating this stereotype for way too long now that women need to look a certain way to be considered sexy. You can spot chubby men romancing svelte, young women on screen easily, but you will have to really scratch your head to think of any movie or TV show where the reverse happens.

The message being sent with this one-track narrative? Women always need to be thin, while the men can look like however they please; a fat woman is only deserving of love and, more importantly, lust from another fat person. When the reality is that a fat woman can find love in a skinny guy, a skinny woman can find love in a fat man, and a fat woman can find love in a fat man.

Love doesn't see body shapes, love doesn't see "flaws. We have plus size models embracing magazine covers and walking the ramps.

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They are redefining sexuality and desirability for fat female bodies in mainstream media. And since pop culture doesn't exist in a vacuum, this is also a reflection of the changing mindset of our society.

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And, lastly, you will have to remember that even though men don't have to deal with the same stigma when it comes to body image, your skinny guy will also need doses of body positivity from time to time. If you sometimes wish that your curves were as va-va-voom as Christina Hendricks ', he will also sometimes wonder why he doesn't look like Chris Hemsworth. Just like you'll have to remind yourself that you are deserving of love and lust, you'll have to remind him of the same. Fill yourself, and your relationship, with so much love and positivity that eventually all the negative voices just crumble and blow far, far Big girl skinny guy.

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Big girl skinny guy

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What It's Like to Be a Plus-Size Woman Who Dates Thin Guys