Brown girl dating white guy

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I had been travelling and working across the world with little or no time to form a meaningful relationship with a member Brown girl dating white guy the opposite sex, and I wanted to experience the London dating scene.

So, three years ago, I decided to register my profile on one of the best-known liberal online dating sites. An overwhelming majority of white Britons prefer to be in a relationship with another person of their own race. According to the online dating site OkCupid, this racial bias is on the increase.

When you are part of a minority group, institutional racism, getting snubbed or excluded from conversations and social situations become part of your everyday lived reality. At the beginning of any communication, I had come to expect questions like these: Where are you from? Are you Muslim? How long have you been here?

Do you drink? Sex before marriage? You are not a virgin, are you? Have your parents ever tried arranging a marriage for you? Have you ever dated a white man before? The list goes on. Things that a white woman would not be asked, things that white people would find creepy and disparaging to be asked.

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Those who were a bit more sophisticated and had read reports on racism were more cautious. They quivered when you mentioned the term—a touchy subject; only they are allowed to bring it up. When you did find someone who could hold a good conversation and the exchange began, you then arranged to meet.

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I agreed to meet a guy who was a senior lecturer in the London School of Economics. I want to get this established straight away. Asking me about my passport was racist. You are a university lecturer, you should know better. Then I met this well-travelled gentleman. On our second date, he wanted me to introduce him to my favourite Indian restaurant.

He was 20 minutes late. There were no text message to inform me of his delay and no apologies either. I started to shift uncomfortably and ordered more wine.

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I decided I needed alcohol to get through this. While the food was being served, this man, who had a degree in Art and was a writer, began to complain with unwavering confidence about how Indians gesticulate wildly. Yes, I never saw him after that date.

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Then came a man who had a business in India and divided his time between Hyderabad and London. I stabbed my tuna steak hardwith the fork. How dare he think I could be his confidant in discussing racial bodies?

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I wondered what it would take for him to question his inner prejudices and privileges. Another man, another date. This one had been to India. I find it really sexy. We all grew up bloody Anglicised! As if we had a choice! We are expected to laugh at our own marginalisation. My dating experiences in London made me feel my identity stick out like a sore thumb and laid bare how entrenched racial inequality is in Britain. How much more do we need Brown girl dating white guy integrate before we are considered on an equal plane during something as basic as a date?

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Brown girl dating white guy

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