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Keyholding services within the Femdom community are offered by professional dominatrices, pro-dommes, lifestyle mistresses, and others. The of women providing keyholding services seems to be soaring right on pace with the growing interest among males Chastity keyholder services wear chastity devices. Professional keyholding services are literally that. Someone holds the keys to a chastity device for a fee.

The length of time the keys are held can vary. Depending on the specific set-up of your keyholding service, the duration may be pre-arranged, or it can be open-ended. As with most other for-fee services, the costs for pro keyholding vary widely. Some keyholders have a set price across the board. Others tailor their prices according to the person, and the particulars of Chastity keyholder services services provided.

Often a keyholder sets her prices based on her popularity within chastity circles and her level of expertise. Expect to pay more for services from a keyholder who has no difficulty acquiring clients or keeping the of clients she wants, and those who have a lot of chastity experience. Also, the specific type of keyholder makes a difference.

As a rule, expect to pay a professional dominatrix more than a pro-domme and a pro-domme more than a lifestyle mistress.

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That has to do both mostly with the breadth of services some keyholders offer in comparison to others. They will lock you and then hold the keys for the agreed upon duration. Dominatrices and some pro-dommes tend to be full-time sex workers who make their livings from indulging the kinks and sexual fantasies of their clients. They are often highly skilled and experienced.

Many of them have formalized training. Recently, I looked at the website of a pro-domme who offers keyholding services. That has been a conscious choice. As with prices, some professional keyholders offer a standard service across the board, whereas others will tailor their services in a la carte fashion according to the wishes of the client.

There is a set rate for the basic keyholding, and then you pay extra for any additional services you select from a menu of options. Here is a list of Chastity keyholder services services you can expect to find to Chastity keyholder services along with keyholding. Most of the services on the list are purchased a la carte and paid for in addition to the basic keyholding service.

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Chastity services provided via Skype or similar audio-video platforms are the most expensive as time must usually be purchased in hourly blocks. You pay essentially the same hourly rates that a professional charges local clients for face-to-face services delivered at her dungeon or some other private setting. Whether or not a pro keyholder identifies as a sex worker, you can be certain of one thing. These ladies are not prostitutes. They will not have sex with you in person and will not have cybersex with you online. They command, and you obey. Before reaching out to a pro, know what it is you want.

Do you want someone to simply hold your keys? Other guys want teasing to go with the denial. Still, others want to be subjected to periodic surprise inspections to Chastity keyholder services they Chastity keyholder services still locked. The easiest way to find them is the Internet. Also, there are various Mistress directory websites online you can consult. You can even find keyholders on social media.

Searching the hashtag keyholder will lead you to some possibilities. Most have websites and have a specific form they expect prospective clients to fill out. That lets them decide whether they feel a client is a good fit before discussing particular services and fees.

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My pro acquaintance recommends that you only consider professionals who have a website. When you start looking at websites, read them thoroughly. Read Chastity keyholder services much as possible before corresponding with the keyholder. Her website is there for a reason—to give the viewer an understanding of what she offers. You can get an idea of who she is by how she presents herself online.

Seeing how she talks shop with other professionals on social media can provide you with an invaluable insight into her perspective on chastity, and give you an idea of her personality. Mistresses find that annoying.

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Being annoying can mean getting rejected. Failure to do your due diligence might be interpreted by a potential pro to mean that you fall into the time waster category. Then they will ignore you. Usually, you will find a contact form on the websites. Short one-sentence messages show zero effort. If you put zero effort into the first contact, the pro will also probably put zero effort into a response. Thought and consideration make applicants stand out. You want to stand out because many of these ladies can afford to be particular about who they accept as clients and are.

Treat it like a job application. Try to impress. Be on your best behavior. Be courteous, polite, and give as much info on yourself and desires as reasonably possible. Do tell them how much experience you have with wearing chastity devices if applicable.

Then wait for a reply. In my experience, professionals reply to inquires promptly, usually within a day or two at most. Once a pro responds to your initial contact, if they are interested, it will spark a discussion, usually in the form of a Chastity keyholder services exchanges. Some will ask for more information. If she asks specific questions out of you, Chastity keyholder services them.

Chances are she has done this thousands of times already and knows exactly what she needs to ask and what information she needs to have. Answer the questions truthfully. Since the relationship between a chastity device wearer and his keyholder is a power exchange relationship, limits are a necessary part of chastity agreements. Limits can cover a lot of things. You may want to review a play partner play list like the one on this website.

If you feel you have found a keyholder who will be a good fit for you, she will send you a written agreement or contract to that contains the details of what you both have agreed to. Most professionals offer either fixed duration keyholding or open-ended keyholding. Fixed duration means a specific length of time—two weeks, one month, two months, etc. Open-ended means keyholding service agreements with no specified end date.

The agreement continues as long as you pay the required fees. Based on my experience, I recommend going with a fixed duration agreement first. One month would be the next option, which is usually available. This gives you and the keyholder the chance to see how well you work together. But, if you stiff a professional keyholder, expect her to tell other professionals about you.

They talk with each other. You will find it difficult, if not impossible, to get another professional to take you on. Some keyholders will require that a newspaper or something else showing the current date Chastity keyholder services included in the image. Also, some keyholders will sell you a lock and mail it to you, and they will keep the keys. As an example, with my first pro keyholder, I purchased a small, inexpensive safe deed for connection to WiFi.

Once I transferred the control over the safe to my keyholder, only she could open it via a remote control app on her smartphone. I had to send her a video of me locking my keys in the safe. Then only she could open the safe to give me access to them. There are lots of other procedures in use that deny the device wearer access to the keys. ed plastic locks are also popular options. You lock your device with one and then take and send a photo clearly showing the on the lock.

The lock can only be removed by cutting it off. That makes it obvious the wearer has removed the device Chastity keyholder services he does so without the permission of the keyholder. There are still a few keyholders who will allow you to physically mail your keys to them. But, this is becoming rare. For obvious reasons, keyholders are not going to give clients their home address. To accept physical keys, they must maintain a commercial mailbox, which is another expense.

Regardless of the procedure, your keyholder will explain what her requirements are. Long-distance keyholding is not foolproof. You can probably find a way to cheat if you wish to Chastity keyholder services so. Also, if a keyholder catches you cheating, she will kick you to the curb. Some keyholders have specific qualifications for clients. I know of one who only takes clients who are age thirty and over.

Lastly, some keyholders require regular communication, especially with clients who are new to wearing chastity devices. They should explain those requirements to you in detail before you an agreement. Hopefully, after reading this post, you now feel confident that you can contact a professional keyholder and Chastity keyholder services a keyholding agreement that suits your needs. Sure, I suppose if we had the choice, none of us would wish to pay for keyholding. But, professional keyholders provide a valuable service.

Without them, a lot of guys would have only the option to self-lock. By Chaste on Monday, June 8, What Are Pro Keyholding Services? Available Services As with prices, some professional keyholders offer a standard service across the board, whereas others will tailor their services in a la carte fashion according to the wishes of the client.

Keyholder supervised lock up via an audio-video platform like Skype. Teasing via Chastity keyholder services audio-video platform. Teasing by or text. Teasing by phone usually via a platform like Nite Flirt with per-minute charges.

Teasing erotic photos taken and sent by the keyholder.

Chastity keyholder services

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