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However, what continues to amaze me is that these questioners, who are VERY happy to question my beliefs, so rarely question their own. With that in mind, I have drawn up several questions that I would like believers in Christian questions to ask case Christian believers to ponder. I hope that if they honestly consider these questions they might realize for themselves just how much of their own skepticism and rationality they have been sidelining.

What, exactly, is your basis for believing that the Bible is True; not necessarily the word of god, but true? Is it just because your parents told you that it was true? And that most of the people you know think that it is true?

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Really, think about it, what real, extra-biblical basis do you have to believe it is the work of a God? Especially if He knew what was going to happen? It would have been so easy just to place it on the other side of the world; or on the Moon for that matter. Here, God is punishing sinners just for the sake of inflicting pain and suffering forever. There is no lesson to be learned or benefited from, with this type of punishment. How is this a god of love?

And really, which is worse, Hitler killing 10, people Jews, Homosexuals, atheists, gypsies, etc. That would mean that God, and Jesus, who know everything that is about to happen, are accessories to every child-murder, rape or kidnapping that happens anywhere on the planet. Why did an All-Loving God create Evil? Isaah Chapter Or for that matter, allow the King of Evil, Satan, to live amongst us, with Christian questions to ask powers to boot!

How are we, as mere mortals, supposed to know what is true if Satan is there to plant false evidence and create illusions to fool us? If you compare God and Satan based just on their atrocities in the bible, Satan would come out looking pretty good!

Not just dangerous, but abominations!? That puts them right up there with homosexuality. How could an All-Loving God command his chosen people to kill babies, and children? HoseaSashetc. If I only have to have Christian questions to ask to believe, how do I know what to believe?

Every different sect of Christianity and indeed, every religion says I have to have Faith to believe that what they say is true. And if having Faith MAKES it true, then why not make up your own new religion, one without a hell, and have faith in that!? How could Satan think that he could have a revolt against someone who is All-Knowing and All-Powerful?

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How could there even BE a war in Heaven, when God would know about it before hand, and could just snap His fingers and wipe out all opposition? Why did God try to kill Moses right after sending him on the mission to free the Jews from Egypt?

Why would a perfect being de men with foreskins, then command us to cut it off!? Not to mention that the creator and ruler of the universe should have more important things to worry about. Why would God condemn his own son to torment and death at the hands of the people that He was planning to forgive anyway?

Why not just forgive them? Was that not in his power? Indeed, according to Christianity, what is NOT in his power? You never see that happen. Also, it seems that the cures that we are told DO happen are always internal, and therefore unverifiable.

Why does God let Catholic priests victimize our children? Do you think that those children are not praying for it to stop? Why does God let Televangelists take money, in His namefrom the sick, old and infirm who cannot afford it, and who will suffer because of it? If God is everywhere, then where the heck was He when the Serpent was tempting Eve? Was he just playing games with humanity at the time of their greatest crisis? What kind of person would do that? If Christians are forgiven, and they know they will be forgiven no matter what they do, why should they refrain from doing evil?

How can God blame us for our imperfections when He made us that way? The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination, so why did he create people that way? Their sexual-orientation is no more a choice than yours is. How easy would be for you to reverse your sexual orientation?

Christian questions to ask why does Christian questions to ask get angry, and demand vengeance when we succumb to the weaknesses that He put in us in the first place? The following Christian questions to ask from If God is dead, is everything permitted? By Elizabeth Anderson:. Kant advances a moral criterion for judging the authenticity of any supposed revelation. I believe that Kant correctly identified the maximum permissible moral limits of belief in extraordinary evidence concerning god.

These limits require that we reject the literal truth of the bible. My colleague James Tappenden argues that such a liberal approach to faith is theologically incoherent. Perhaps it is. Still, given a choice between grave moral error and theological muddle, I recommend theological muddle every time.

Also, if we judge the Bible by these criteria, it would be shown that major portions of the Bible have to be rejected; as the passages could not be from a good God. How much of the Bible would we have to throw away then? Why go to school or pursue a college education? Why do anything other than just study the Bible and wait? If so, you might as well turn off your computer and TV. Park your car, and throw away your cell phone.

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Modern society would soon crumble into dust. The entire world would revert back to medieval times or before. Doctors would no longer have colleges to go to, all scientific research would stop, and all other training would end. Larry S. Rhodes was born into a Christian family, but is now a year Atheist. There is no book of Sash in the Bible. Hosea says, "but when they had grazed, they became full, they were filled, and their heart was lifted up; therefore they forgot me.

Most of your concern seems to come from a misunderstanding of the nature of Christian questions to ask. If God took away the of the actions of sinners, like preventing murders, what reason would he have to punish them? Only evil thoughts. People who do bad things are allowed to do those things so that on judgement day, God has something to deliver justice for. God does not send a select few to heaven and the rest to eternal punishment.

There are three kingdoms after death. The first kingdom holds the people of God, and they can be with the father of their spirits and with their families, because they have been sealed together by priesthood power. The second kingdom holds those who were good, but never Christian questions to ask God.

The third kingdom holds the sinners, and this kingdom is far from God. God does not have a thing for foreskin, god has a thing for symbolic devotion. God gives trials to people so they have a reason to grow and so they can hopefully turn to Him for help.

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God does not hate people for feeling gay. Acting on homosexual tendencies is sinful, but there is no reason for anyone to hate someone who sins, because everyone sins. Adam and Eve only knew to do what they were told. They were told not to partake. Then they were told to partake. Adam and Eve set the precedent for agency, our ability to choose. The biggest tenant of Gods plan was that we be allowed agency Christian questions to ask choose for ourselves what to do, with the understanding that our actions have consequences.

This was not accidental. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Collins Frank Diana James A. Messerly Stephen D. Church and State. By Elizabeth Anderson: Kant advances a moral criterion for judging the authenticity of any supposed revelation. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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Christian questions to ask

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