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It included acquiring a particular habit: of keeping a reasonable distance from the al fresco area and averting eye contact with those seated there if not to steal a couple of glances to only confirm what I already knew. Amid the ever-changing landscape of nightlife in this city, it remains as such to this day.

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For as long as I can remember, I bought into this stigma. It was the reason I knew to walk past the Latino-Cubano resto bar always at Club havana makati steady pace and knew better than to linger in the area. As someone on the outside looking in, I was hard-pressed to learn more. I was eager to be proven wrong, more excited to debunk things rather than have them validated.

What was it about this bustling pocket of Makati nightlife that seems to be caught in a time warp? These were questions answerable only by—deep breath—an evening spent there. The refusal to go alone was one major hurdle. For safety reasons and, again, paranoia. Inside, baristas were getting a head start on tending bar.

They were chipper, sported fun tropical polos and were more than delighted to chat for a while. Accommodating female servers with amusing American accents they turned on and off on command wore the same festive frocks save for the wrap-around skirt and a Panama hat that set them apart from others working there. We had walked in on the staff enjoying a bit of downtime, which, we gathered, was the calm before Club havana makati storm. When restaurateur Larry J. The establishments here never fully recovered from it.

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But its reputation preceded it and was unable to disassociate itself from a certain crowd, a certain look and certain activity. The stereotypes it wanted to distance itself from followed; the Greenbelt Club havana makati of the expat-meeting-place-cum-pick-up-haven only picked up where Malate left off. Silver lining: there was no denying that business was good. With its expensive food and drinks P95 for a bottle of water is tellingspace filled to capacity on most nights and steady stream of regulars, in the grand Club havana makati of things, the public image issue became a problem for another day.

As a fly on the wall for the day, which was moments away from turning into night now, I buckled down to soak in the experience. As early as 6PM, there it was: a dance so elaborate, so well-orchestrated, I felt as though all that was missing was a Discovery Channel narrator. I had in my sights two petite Filipinas, who sat two tables away from one another but occupied the same side, speed dating style.

Interesting logistics, I thought, for two ladies who came over together and were locked in conversation. They resorted to projecting their voices with the empty table between them and took breaks from the conversation to scroll through their phones. They were obviously killing time, but would not order anything for about a half hour.

Then, all at once, it was go time: the two ladies propped their handbags on their respective tables, began applying makeup and ordered one watermelon shake each. Ever so slyly, the Filipina sitting next to the Caucasian man began to turn her body toward him instead of her friend in the other table.

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I almost felt bad for her. For a while, she was either smiling idly at this man or staring into his general direction while he paid no attention to her. He was glued to his phone. But as soon as his beer arrived, things changed. All it took was for him to look up as he took his first sip.

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Jackpot: initial contact had been made. After a bit of small talk, the stocky older man eventually invited both Filipinas to his table. Jackpot again. Without hestitation, the ladies moved over. And as soon as they did, like clockwork, two other young Filipinas emerged from Greenbelt 3 to occupy the tables now abandoned by the first two ladies. They, like the girls before them, propped their handbags on the table and began touching up their makeup. Throughout the evening, it was the same well-rehearsed dance with some subtle variations.

Leaving the rest to the imagination, it was safe to say a handful of transactions were Club havana makati on this evening. The entire experience attempting to unravel the stigma was desensitizing to say the least. Regardless of the fact that their human rights as sex workers are not protected, are in no way supported and to this day are criminalized, for women of the night, the gamble is worth it if it means a temporary ticket out of poverty.

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Club havana makati

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