College freshman dating college sophomore

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Home New Posts Trending Featured. Forums New posts Trending Featured Latest activity. Wiki Latest summaries Watched WikiPosts. Log in. What's new. New posts. Latest activity. Install the app. Thread starter Zainalleck Start date Aug 31, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Jan 3, Messages Reactions 27 24 Alleybux I was wondering, what are the thoughts on this relationship?

What if two people hit it off and one happens to be a senior and the other is a freshman? Is it frowned upon or normal? Time Out. ed Mar 30, Messages 13, Reactions3, 2, Alleybux 16, Is the man the freshman or the senior? Anyway, it will be hard to maintain because the senior will be entering the workforce soon while the freshman started their college experience. ed Dec 25, Messages 6, Reactions 43, Alleybux 1, College experience and maturity would be a little different. ed Apr 21, Messages 6, Reactions 54, 2, Alleybux Personally I don't date anyone 2 years younger than me.

ed Nov 13, College freshman dating college sophomore 4, Reactions 62, 1, Alleybux 72, There was this super attractive young lady I ended up meeting when I was a TA, she would often flirt and shoot her shot but I never acted on it. I was writing my senior thesis paper, had internships, jobs, and was thinking about starting my career and grad school.

ed Jul 25, Messages 9, Reactions4, 1, Alleybux 17, People always side-eyed it. Those senior men and, hell, alums were always going after the freshman girls like they were prey. Livia Drusilla. ed Aug 2, Messages 17, Reactions 72, 1, Alleybux 26, Is this college because that is a relationship between two adults and Idgaf what they do.

ed Jul 3, Messages 21, Reactions6, 2, Alleybux 24, There are situations where it College freshman dating college sophomore work, but both parties are living two different experiences. One just left their parents house and can't even drink legally. The other one is leaving college and entering the real world. Maturity wise both are in different places. In my undergrad experience the seniors that would chase after freshmen were usually trying to run game on them.

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The younger you are the more an age gap matters. If you're both adults and it is not a huge age gap nobody cares. ed Oct 5, Messages 4, Reactions 8, Alleybux 8, I really really miss the old LSA! I'm just saying Last edited: Aug 31, ed Dec College freshman dating college sophomore, Messages 1, Reactions 2, 34 14 AlleybuxI dated a couple of seniors in my freshman year of college.

The first one was our student government president and I met him at freshman orientation. I was ahead in my major and we ended up having some level classes together, which opened the door for him asking me out to dinner. I liked him okay, but my older sister was in his graduating class and her friends told her that he was a player and trying to make his ex-girlfriend jealous by dating me so I quickly lost interest.

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As much as we liked each other, he moved back home after graduating and that was the end of that. No one ever thought anything of our relationship.

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I do think that you have to be realistic about it though. They may be ready to move on with their adult life after graduating, and they may not want to do that while dating someone who isn't quite there yet. I will say this, it depends on the person. When I was in college, I dated a senior who was in a frat and considered "the man" on campus. There really weren't any issues at all outside of all of his "fans" who were hating that a freshman locked College freshman dating college sophomore down.

I don't think he was preying on me because he caught a lot of flack and he was the one who was the most caught up. ed May 5, Messages 6, Reactions2, Alleybux 44, I had just turned 17 when I entered college, so it was a no for me, but I dated a grad student the following year.

Lasted about 6 months. We got along well, no one seemed to acknowledge the 5 year age difference until my parents made a scene about it. Couldn't really go against the people paying for my education and all of my bills, so Click to expand ed Mar 4, Messages 4, Reactions 31, 3, 14, Alleybux -8, If you can handle that then its not an issue.

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ed Dec 2, Messages 17, Reactions4, 2, Alleybux 12, Better for a woman to be with an older man. ed Feb 13, Messages 6, Reactions 61, 1, Alleybux 26, When I was a freshmen I used the upperclass men for free weed, alcohol, rides, food, access to the dope house parties and D.

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College freshman dating college sophomore

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