Common signs of cheating in a relationship

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Medically Reviewed By: Richard Jackson. We Can Help. This website is owned and operated by BetterHelp, who receives all fees associated with the platform. There are many challenges in a relationship, but one that changes the entire dynamic is infidelity. When one partner is unfaithful, it is difficult to describe the pain and betrayal that come along with the loss of trust. All too often, cheaters are discovered completely by accident. However, there are a few red flags that point toward infidelity in a relationship. See if your partner is guilty of any of the following:.

Someone who is cheating makes it a priority to cover up their tracks. Going to great lengths to get privacy, especially when your partner was ly much more open about things, is a major red flag.

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If your ificant other is suddenly hiding their phone screen from your view, locking doors to the rooms they are in, or clicking out of s or internet s when you enter their space, they might be guilty of an affair. Your partner may find a new interest in security, too, either to keep their items on lockdown or to keep an eye on how near or far you are. They may install passwords on their cell phone, computer, or other devices without telling you or become intensely preoccupied with your schedule.

In extreme cases, they might suggest ing up for a home monitoring system or phone tracking app. Their goal with this type of behavior is usually just to make sure you don't catch them in the act of cheating. Cheating is stressful, and that stress often manifests itself through sudden personality changes. If your ificant other is not acting like themselves, it might be time to start asking questions.

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It is pretty common for a partner who is cheating to suddenly become more angry, negative, critical, or even unusually cheerful. Changes do not happen just on the inside, though. Your partner may also change how they look, how they dress, or even how they talk.

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Their interests and hobbies might suddenly shift too. While it's normal for someone's preferences to change over time, any rapid or extreme transformation could mean they are trying to connect with someone else's interests. If something about your partner's schedule no longer adds up, they might be guilty of cheating. Did it used to take them half an hour to get home, but now it's almost an hour? Are they starting to claim they have to stay late every night without there being any difference in their professional life?

These are s they might be stopping elsewhere before they return home. Other clues like having to put gas more often than usual, or extra miles adding up on their car could also indicate they are taking trips behind your back.

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If you share a bank and notice unexplainable transactions, it might be time to investigate why. Keep an eye out for transactions at restaurants, hotels, flower shops, or jewelry stores. Purchases made in these places while you are not around should encourage you to Common signs of cheating in a relationship deeper into the situation. While infidelity will be hard to prove if you keep your finances separate, watch for small clues like a change in spending habits or extra secrecy surrounding their funds.

If your once frugal partner is suddenly driving around in an expensive car or wearing pricey jewelry, but their financial picture has not changed, look into things. They might be spending their money lavishly to show-off for someone else, or they might be receiving these things as gifts from that person.

Does it seem like your ificant other suddenly always has someplace else to be? Are they making short or frequent trips to the "grocery store" or "appointments" but return with nothing to show? A partner who is guilty of cheating will often try to find spare time in their day to spend with their lover. Someone who is particularly confident in their ability to keep their affair secret may stay away from home for long periods of time. If your partner's job suddenly seems to take them away on the weekends or overnight trips, you may want to start assessing the situation.

When someone cheats, they tend to go into dating mode.

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Think of how most people act when they are trying to attract a partner. You know, new clothes, new haircuts, new cologne, etc. If your partner takes a new interest in their appearance for no reason, they may be trying to catch the eye of someone else. It is a major red flag when the changes in grooming happen in areas most people do not see. If they are suddenly preoccupied with how their body looks, or how well-kept their body hair is, they might be trying to impress someone who is looking underneath their clothes.

As advanced as our modern technology is, the privacy it offers Common signs of cheating in a relationship a breeding ground for infidelity. With the ability to erase text messages, edit contact information, and as special ringtones to certain people, your partner can easily hide an ongoing affair. Features like text messaging, Facetime, and mean your partner can have constant access to someone else without your knowledge.

The conversation never has to stop unless they put the phone down. If it seems like your partner always needs to be on their phone or any other technology device, you might want to ask them about where they are directing their attention. A partner who is getting all their intimate needs met elsewhere usually lacks the willingness to have them met where they're supposed to. If your partner no longer expresses an interest in physical touches like hand-holding, kissing, or even sex, you are dealing with one of the major s your partner is cheating.

Often, the lack of intimacy goes beyond the bedroom too. If it is challenging to have a long, meaningful conversation with your partner or if they do not even want to be around you, it might be time to find out if they are meeting their needs for affection elsewhere. If your partner has a sudden change of heart about a moral issue, you should ask questions.

For example, if they used to believe that sex before marriage was wrong, or that having kids out-of-wedlock was taboo, but suddenly they are becoming much more accepting of different ideas, try to find out why. If their moral views, surrounding relationships, marriage, sex, and loyalty change ificantly, they might be trying to justify or excuse their behavior.

This is especially important for partners who used to attend church or religious events frequently, but no longer Common signs of cheating in a relationship interest. They may be avoiding these settings out of guilt or shame. A partner who is cheating is naturally drawn to the positive aspects of their new lover. This might make you seem like second-best in their eyes. If your partner is suddenly critical about your looks, your behavior, or the things you do for them, you might want to Common signs of cheating in a relationship questioning whether they are comparing you to someone else.

Likewise, an unfaithful partner may try to take the heat off their guilt by turning the accusations back on you. If your partner has accused you of cheating, not being emotionally or physically available, or changing too much, they might be trying to project their guilt onto you. Sometimes a partner will cheat if they believe their ificant other is cheating first so that both parties are in the wrong. Regardless, try to stay far from mind games and watch their behavior closely.

If you are showing s or are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, it is time to confront your partner. At this point, their behavior is putting you at risk. STDs can happen during infidelity for a variety of reasons, including a partner wanting to cover their tracks by refusing to buy protection.

If your partner is selfish enough to jeopardize your health for their affair, it is time to take a stand. Some relationships survive infidelity, and others do not. Only you can decide what is right for you and your situation. Regardless of which option you decide to pursue, seeking help from a d counselor can be incredibly beneficial. They will be able to help you repair the damage to your relationship if you decide to stay together or walk you through the challenges that come with separation or divorce. In the case of the latter, speaking with a d therapist can help you get through the breakup in the healthiest way possible.

If you find out that your partner has actually cheated, and you want to stay together, pursuing couples therapy has been shown to increase marital satisfaction and strengthen the relationship after infidelity. Trying to determine Common signs of cheating in a relationship or not your partner is cheating is stressful enough as it is, and the last thing you should be dealing with is organizing another appointment to drive to. This is where online counseling services like ReGain offer solutions. With the guidance of one of our d therapists, online counseling cuts out the need for long drives and inconvenient appointment times.

Instead, you have the freedom to reach out to your counselor whenever and wherever you want to. Below are some reviews of ReGain counselors for you to review, from people experiencing similar issues. His experience and confidence in our recovery were important. I felt a strong connection with her and appreciate her knowledge, expertise and manner in which she worked with my former partner and I.

She handled the challenging dynamics of our relationship, and through our work I was able to leave a relationship that was hurting and hindering me. I came to that conclusion not through any direct encouragement, but through doing the work. If you suspect your partner might be cheating, it can leave you with a pit of despair in your stomach that doesn't ever seem to go away. However, our d counselors have your back, no matter how lonely and betrayed you might be feeling.

With our guidance, you can work through your feelings of confusion and figure out exactly how to move forward, in the way that makes you the happiest and safest possible. Take the first step. There are always subtle s when your partner is cheating. One of the s of a cheating partner is when they become increasingly evasive and emotionally distant.

If your chatty partner suddenly becomes quiet or nervous around you, it may be as a result of them being burdened by feelings of guilt. Sometimes, they may even get angry with you for no serious reason or become overly critical of your actions. If you notice your partner has developed a negative or hostile attitude towards you, then a reasonable explanation may be cheating, although in some instances, other factors could be responsible for this change. One of the most common s of infidelity is that your partner no longer gives you as much attention as they used to do.

Intimacy becomes forced and awkward, and act indifferent to being affectionate. Some of the other s that your partner may be cheating includes:. There is never a time when the cheater is right. If you think your partner is cheating, it's important that you try to seek clarity without holding yourself responsible for their infidelity. However, since most people would deny cheating, it's not enough to take their word for it.

If you still have access to their phone and laptop, you could try to find out who they have been calling or chatting with. Of course, your partner may have deleted their call history and messages, but while this isn't a definite of cheating, it gives your suspicions many weight and may suggest that there is something or someone that your partner is trying to hide from you.

People cheat for different reasons, and while there is no justification for cheating in a relationship, the decision to end the relationship should be based on what you really want. However, keep in my mind that even if you are willing to forgive and accept them back, things won't always be the same between the two of you.

Common signs of cheating in a relationship

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