Cons of sex

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Located 20 kms from Ahmedabad, Simandhar City is a place for spiritual progress. Whenever we hear the word danger, we all automatically become alert and vigilant in order to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe. But, what about when it comes to sexuality? Are we alert? Are we vigilant? Because we have never heard the disadvantages of sex or the dangers of sexuality. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a Gnani Purush has revealed in Cons of sex detail both the disadvantages of sex and the dangers of sexuality.

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Here they are:. What are the characteristics of a celibate brahmachari? A celibate brahmachari is much more than just someone who has taken the vow of celibacy. How does a spiritual life help in brahmacharya celibacy? What is the connection between celibacy and Self Realization? Rarely known Celibacy Benefits.

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The non-celibate state has persisted because of lack What is a wet dream? What causes wet dreams? How to stop wet dreams? There are two main causes of wet dreams: Sexual attraction — this causes semen leakage at a subtle level within the body, it becomes lifeless. And when What is semen virya in spirituality? How can the rise of Cons of sex energy help in spirituality?

The essence of the worldly life is moksha and the essence of the body is semen virya. All the things in the world by nature, are diminishing. Semen is What is the science of attraction between a man and woman? The attraction between a man and woman occurs because there is an of subatomic particles Cons of sex the two. Simile: The attraction between a man What is the role of food in the practice of brahmacharya celibacy? What kind of brahmacharya diet is advisable? Food plays an important role in the practice of brahmacharya and in maintaining awareness of it. When food enters the stomach, it is converted into a form What is the role of mind in the practice of brahmacharya celibacy?

The mind is contradictory. It will show you both thoughts about practicing celibacy and it will show you thoughts about getting married. Then how can my Who is a Sati chaste woman? What is the true Sati definition? A sati is a woman who is so pure that she never has any thoughts of men other than her own husband. She does not get attracted to other men through mind, What are the facts behind the vow of celibacy?

Sex is the only one thing that can be changed through the agna of the Gnani Purush. Here, a special agna is the directions given by the Gnani to the one What is Trimandir? Who is Arihant and Siddha? Guru Purnima. Discover Happiness. Humanity Help others What is Charity?

Spiritual Science Who am I? Knowing God What is Soul? What is Self Realization? Until you realize who you really are, everything proves to be wrong and incorrect. Adalaj, Gujarat, India. Pujya Dadashri Founder Pujya niruma Predecessor Pujya deepakbhai Present TV Programs. Satsang Schedule. Upcoming Event. Why Trimandir? Related Questions. Home Home path to happiness spiritual science practice celibacy with scientific understanding dangers of sex. Here they are: Where do quarrels occur between husband and wife?

Only where there is infatuation and attraction. For how long the quarrels exist? As long as sexual interaction exists, quarrels exist. Millions of lives die in just one act of sex because of the loss of millions of living sperm. This is tremendous violence. Not realizing this, people believe sex as having the highest pleasure. They do not understand that life is precious and must not be lost except as a last resort.

After sex, the power of the body, the power of the mind and the Cons of sex of speech decreases. All the diseases in the body are due to sexual involvement. The physical strength, the mental strength, the intellectual strength and the power of egoism; all of these Cons of sex exhausted because of non-celibacy! It increases the layers of ignorance covering the Soul. One becomes unconscious while awake after sex. The inner faculty of knowledge and vision becomes trapped in sex, it destroys all divinity within one.

With loss of divinity, one becomes Cons of sex an animal. Humans lose their human-ness. One cannot attain Absolute Knowledge Keval Gnan without practicing celibacy. Sexuality is born out of attraction and from that, repulsion occurs. When repulsion arises, it gives rise to causes for revenge in the next life. Therefore, sex is a cause of vengeance. The ultimate extract of our nourishment is semen and it is dissipated and lost in sex. Sex only le to a lower life form. This is because millions of jivas embodied souls die in a single act of sex!

There would be instability in the concentration and focus on any task. When one abstains from sex for a month, his stability in concentration and focus is greatly improved. The illusion of sex is such that it will sink all, even the one who thinks that he has no attachment to anything in the world. This illusion of sex has sunk great saints and masters from tremendous spiritual heights. Millions of living forms die in only one act of sexual intercourse.

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And all these jivas take revenge in one form or another. Sex carries tremendous liability. It carries the greatest liability of all. It breaks all the five major vows truth, non-violence, non-possession, non-stealing, celibacy mentioned in Jainism as Mahavrats.

As the breaths of life increase in frequency, the lifespan decreases. It is used in fear, in anger, in greed, in deceit but the maximum of breaths is used in the sexual act.

Cons of sex

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The Pros and Cons of Too Much Sex