Cost of abortion in georgia

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The State of Georgia enacted a law about abortions. It requires patients to make appointments by phone at least 24 HOURS before your requested abortion date. To set up an appointment call or request an appointment online. Use our pregnancy calculator to estimate how many weeks pregnant you are.

In other words, the of weeks from your last normal period. Call today! Abortions are performed under general or local anesthesia. Before the abortion, providers thoroughly examine every patient. Our doctors take a complete medical history. We do this Cost of abortion in georgia make sure that you have no health problems that would make an abortion unsafe. A sonography technologist performs an ultrasound on every patient. This is the best way to determine length of pregnancy. Finally, the lab assistant takes a small blood sample and checks your iron level hemoglobin and in some cases, blood type.

A d provider is on call in case a patient has any concerns. She can also answer urgent questions after you are discharged from Summit Medical Associates. Follow-up examinations are not necessary since the doctor performs an ultrasound right after the abortion.

This ultrasound confirms that the abortion is complete. However, if you would like reassurance or have any concerns, a follow-up appointment is free within 6 weeks of the abortion. We do not accept personal checks or money orders.

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Summit also accepts some insurance. If paying by insurance, please call and let us know at least 3 days before your appointment. This way, we can verify your coverage. Atlanta Abortion Services. Atlanta abortion services include medication abortion Abortion Pill and surgical abortion care. This anesthesia is quite safe, and you will not feel or remember anything. You are only asleep for 10 minutes or so.

After your surgery, a medical assistant and other staff take you to the recovery room on a stretcher. You will gradually wake up and then will rest in the recovery area for 30 — 60 minutes.

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First Trimester Abortion 4 — The cervix the opening of the uterus is opened gently with a cervical dilator. Physician will use an aspirator, a medical tool that creates suction. It gently cleans the contents of the uterus. With early abortions, complications are very rare. Early Second Trimester Abortion 13 — This process uses small dilators called laminaria.

A registered nurse or doctor inserts dilators into your cervix. During the next few hours, the cervix gently opens a little so the physician can complete the abortion. A second trimester abortion takes about 5 — 10 minutes. The patient stays in the recovery room for about an hour after the procedure. On the first day, a Cost of abortion in georgia inserts small dilators laminaria into the cervix.

As a result, the cervix gently opens overnight. We require the patient to stay in the Atlanta area during the night of dilation.

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On the morning of day 2, the patient returns to the center and the physician performs the surgery. The surgery will take from 7 — 15 minutes. The provider uses sterile medical tools to empty the uterus. Patients stay in the recovery room for about an hour before discharge. Follow-up Follow-up examinations are not necessary since the doctor performs an ultrasound right after the abortion.

Insurance Summit also accepts some insurance.

Cost of abortion in georgia

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