Dating app for cuddling

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For those who think Tindr is full of people moving too fast and Match is full of people moving too slow, there's something for you that's right down the middle: Cuddlr.

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And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. Cuddlr is an app that matches you with people nearby who just want to cuddle.

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It works like most dating programs: you have a profile with your name and photo and you can send "cuddle requests" to people in your area. The recipient of said "cuddle request" then has 15 minutes to accept or reject you. If they accept your cuddle-gram, the fun? The people behind Cuddlr ask that you keep things clean when you meet someone for a cuddle-date.

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After a session which, according to the app's suggestions, can be lying in the park, window shopping or just huggingyou can rate someone's cuddling skills with an up or down voting system. And there is zero room for grab-assers on Cuddlr. Got it, creeps?! That's it! The Cuddlr team can also ban people who are clearly taking advantage of cuddly-starved folk and users Dating app for cuddling block others at any time. So what was the inspiration for this app of good, clean all-American fun?

According to the Cuddlr website FAQs :. The way we talk about meeting and sharing space and contact with someone assumes that it's centered explicitly around sex and dating, or based on the kind of affection a parent might show. We're not getting the right type of contact often enough; we don't give and get enough hugs. Hooking up is certainly not always a bad thing, but there's definitely an under-explored time and a place for a more gentle, Dating app for cuddling intimacy, and that's what Cuddlr aims to help with.

If you are interested in using Cuddlr, all you need is a Facebook. And a phone. Currently, the Cuddlr app doesn't reveal gender or age, so the filtering is done only through the photos. For those who have been rejected on Cuddlr, we know your pain.

We send "cuddle requests" to our cat every damn day and never, ever get an answer. They just ignore us until we smother them on the couch with hugs while yelling out, "Love me! Getty Images. Alternative name for this app: Friend Zone. Trending Stories. According to the Cuddlr website FAQs : "Our culture doesn't have a space for closeness without pressure.

Dating app for cuddling

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Want to cuddle? There's an app for that: Meet Cuddlr