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Remember how last month we all had fun hating that "support group" Dating a Banker Anonymous [DABA], created by and for materialistic ladies freaking out about their suddenly penurious boyfriends? And then, after a NY Times article about the women led to an immediate book deal for the DABA co-founders—swiftly followed by talk of a movie and TV deal— we all gagged on our own bile?

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Well, as ly suspectedthe whole thing was just a satirical put-on—there never was any support group, just a blog —and the Paper of Record has just issued a mea culpaalmost four weeks after the article was originally published:. An article on Jan. That is the name of their blog. Its creators originally told The Times that about 30 women had participated, but since publication, they have said that all involved were friends.

Had the nature of the blog been made clear at the outset, the article would have described it accordingly, Dating bankers anonymous as a support group.

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Dating A Banker Anonymous: Wall Street Wives And Girlfriends Seek Comfort In Support Group And Blog