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NRS However, Nevada has a Romeo and Juliet exception: Children age 14 or 15 may have consensual sex with people less than four years older. Having sex with someone below the age of consent, and not covered by an exception, is prosecuted as statutory sexual seduction NRS Penalties include sex offender registration. Below our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys discuss :. Sixteen 16 is the legal age of consent in Nevada. It is irrelevant if the child is mature. It is also irrelevant if the child initiates the sex. Sex carries major risks. And children are not mature enough to make these decisions.

The legal term is statutory sexual seduction. Statutory rape occurs when an adult :. This applies to all types of sexual conduct with penetration. It makes no difference if the adult and child are opposite- or same-sex. Examples of sexual penetration include:. It is not a defense to statutory rape charges that the child lied about being of age. The penalties depend on the age of the defendant. The crime of statutory rape is a category B felony if the defendant is at least Dating laws in nevada The sentence is:. Penalties are less harsh when the defendant is younger than Then statutory rape is a gross misdemeanor.

The penalty carries :. Rape charges only apply when the sex is not consensual. The legal term for rape is sexual assault. Learn more about rape charges NRS Nevada has a close in age exception to statutory rape. Children age 14 and 15 can Dating laws in nevada consensual sex with people less than four 4 years older.

Example : Jamie is an year-old high school senior. She is in a sexual relationship with year-old sophomore Kelly. Jamie at 18 is an adult. Kelly at 15 is under the minimum age for consensual sexual activity. But Jamie should not face criminal charges for statutory rape because their age difference is less than four 4 years. This close-in-age exception is also called a Romeo and Juliet law. It is a Dating laws in nevada new law: It was instituted only in Adults who molest children without penetration face lewdness charges.

The most common lewdness example is groping. Penalties for lewdness turn on the age of the. It is a category A felony in Nevada if the child is under A first offense carries :. There is no parole if the defendant has a prior lewdness conviction. It does not matter if the prior case was in Nevada or elsewhere. Lewdness is a category B felony if the minor is 14 or Nevada forbids sexual contact between students and school employees who are at least age It makes no difference if the students are at the age of consent.

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There is always a power imbalance. Student-teacher sex is a category C felony in the state of Nevada. The punishment includes:. Statutory rape or lewdness charges would apply if the student is under Scroll up to sections 2 and 4 for more information on these crimes.

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Learn more about student-teacher sex laws NRS And learn more about student-teacher sex in college laws NRS Many people accused of sex crimes are innocent. Here are common defenses :. Honestly believing the child was at least 16 is not a defense. The age of majority in Nevada is Like Nevada, the majority of U.

There is no initiative to raise the consenting age in Nevada. At least, not at this time. Other lawmakers in other states are seeking to raise the age of consent to Indiana State Rep. Karlee Macer proposed raising the consenting age from 16 to Accused of violating Nevada age of consent laws? Call our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers.

The consultation for legal advice is free. We may be able to reduce or drop your charges so your criminal record stays clean. You can meet with us at our office Dating laws in nevada Las Vegas, NV. Or we can consult over the phone or video-conference Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. Arrested in California? Go to our article on statutory rape laws Penal Code Also go to Dating laws in nevada article on age of consent laws.

Arrested in Colorado? Go to our article about age of consent la ws.

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Having sex with someone below the age of consent, and not covered by an exception, Please attach copies of any citations or booking documents. Attach another file if needed. Age of Consent in Nevada: 5 Things to Know. Children under age 16 in Nevada cannot consent to have sex. Under NRS Call our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation. Warden, Nev. State Prison99 Nev. Jenkins v. StateNev. HughesDating laws in nevada. Nevada Assembly Bill AB Emily Ketterer, Bill to raise age of consent proposed againNuvo Jan 5, Contact Our Firm We usually respond in 5 minutes.

Dating laws in nevada

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Age of Consent in Nevada