Dating pictures by clothing

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Sometimes, there are no clues within the photograph or imprinted on it. In those situations, we need to rely on an understanding of the fashions of the s through s, both hair and clothing, to accurately determine when that particular photograph was taken. Knowing what to look for and what is suggested by hair and clothing styles can assist us in identifying the person or people in our unidentified family Dating pictures by clothing.

Hair was parted in the middle, ears probably show, the hair is styled so that there is volume at the side of the face. The sleeves are set into the bodice to make a sloping shoulder look; the corset is deed to flatten and support the bosom.

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Hair continues to look like the s — parted in the middle, ears showing, volume at the side of the face. Sleeves deed to make a sloping shoulder, but as the decade progressed the sleeves moved closer to the top of the shoulder; corsets held up and supported the bosom and created a smaller waist. Hair continues to have a center part with Dating pictures by clothing emphasis on height rather than width, often with a fringe or bangs. Attention was drawn to the face by the use of bows, lacy collars, and decorative details at the neck of the bodice; sleeves set on the shoulder of the bodice; cuffs are often large and elaborate; the corset is elongated, flattening the stomach and smoothing the hips.

Skirts are narrow and close-fitting with no hoops; bustles of various shapes and sizes; trains not uncommon. Hair brushed straight back with no part; height, not width, emphasized; hair had a softer look but was still confined.

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Skirts very narrow and fitted in the Dating pictures by clothing excessively trimmed; trains very small or completely gone. Corsets extended over hips to the top of legs, bosom lifted and exaggerated, creating an S-curve shape in the upper body; bodice lavishly decorated; sleeves puffed from shoulder to elbow and tight from elbow to cuff. Hobble skirts appear briefly; skirts as high as 8 inches above the ankle and full; one-piece straight dresses.

Hair becoming short bobbed and crimped; longer hair is less elaborate; cloche hats popular tight round hat worn over brow. Elasticized undergarments appear, creating the flat-chested, no-waist boyish look; short sleeves appearing for daytime wear. Hair short but not bobbed; softer, curled, more feminine; flat-brimmed hat worn tilted to the side. There is one important thing to remember when attempting to date photographs based on the style of clothing worn by the women depicted: up to the early s women tended to wear the same style of clothing they wore in their 20s and 30s.

It was what they were most comfortable wearing, what they knew how to sew, and what they already had in their closet. Therefore, when dating photographs of middle-aged or older women, it is useful to pay attention to every clue in the image. A hand-colored, ambrotype of a boy with side-parted hair prior to breeching.

Photo courtesy Library of Congress. This occurred at around age five until ; after that time, breeching occurred around the age of three. Although it can be frustrating to discover you have photographs with no names to tell you who that person is, there are always clues to assist you in determining the identity of the person—or at least Dating pictures by clothing you to narrow your search.

If you need assistance putting a story to the photographs in your collection, Legacy Tree Genealogists can provide a well-researched narrative history of an individual, a couple, or an entire family. today to get started!

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One thing I do know is that if you have a photo of a family and if you have dates of deaths marriage and births it helps to additionally id a photo time period. Yes, absolutely! Hopefully this article will provide some helpful insight as you work to identify the unknown family members in your photo book. Good luck! In what time frame did widows wear black most of the time or at least for formal photos?

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Mourning was generally worn through the s or s. Black and white photographs can make identifying mourning difficult. Simply because the clothing looks dark does not mean it is mourning. Red and blue can look black. And shades of purple, including lavender and lilac, were worn by Victorian women in later stages of mourning and can look like white or yellow.

The level of decoration can be just as extravagant in mourning, so we cannot use how fancy or simple an ensemble is to determine if the wearer is in mourning. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Notify me of Dating pictures by clothing comments via. You can also subscribe without commenting. Subscribe for weekly posts. Bio Latest Posts. Kate - Legacy Tree Genealogists Researcher. With a Master's degree in history, Kate loves to help clients really see into the lives of their ancestors.

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Dating pictures by clothing

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