Divorce relationship advice

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Couples also have to deal with the responses that their children, parents, extended family and friends have to the separation. As separation involves making changes to many aspects of their lives, most people find the journey to a new life, home and relationship is hard, even if the parties have agreed on the need to separate and are being cooperative.

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The most common areas of difference and conflict following separation are Divorce relationship advice about care of the children and sharing of property. Under current family law, there is a presumption of equal shared parental responsibility except in cases involving violence or child abuse. As an alternative to resolving parenting disputes via legal means, Relationships Australia offers a Family Dispute Resolution service now compulsory in cases not involving violence or child abuse for couples in conflict over issues such as child contact.

Family Dispute Resolution provides clients with a safe, supportive atmosphere and a method of talking to one another, to assist them to sort out Divorce relationship advice issues and come up with acceptable solutions. Relationships Australia has staff who have been trained to involve children in this process. Understanding how children feel and have been affected by separation often helps parents think and arrive at solutions that are in the best interests of the children.

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Relationships Australia staff are also able to assist couple to resolve their differences over sharing property. The more amicably and calmly this can be done, the more there is to share. Family dispute resolution is a voluntary process, and the decisions made are not legally binding. Everyone gets the opportunity to express his or her own point of view and is free to talk about issues of concern, with everyone present.

Participants must be willing to listen to the other party and be genuinely Divorce relationship advice to negotiate, compromise and commit to reaching a solution. If you are separated and want to apply to the Family Law Courts for a parenting order, you will need a certificate from a registered family dispute resolution practitioner to confirm that an attempt at family dispute resolution was made. To find your nearest Relationships Australia family dispute resolution service view our list of office locations and Family Relationships Centres or phone us on There are some exceptions to the requirement for a certificate, including cases involving family violence or child abuse.

Family Relationship Centres provide information and confidential assistance for families at all stages in their lives. Centres have a focus on providing family dispute resolution mediation to enable separating families achieve workable parenting arrangements outside the Court system. Counselling can assist individuals, couples and families end relationships in a way that minimises hurt and allows for respectful ongoing communication. Family Dispute Resolution : assists parents to resolve conflict that affects children and to help them make appropriate arrangements for the care of children after separation including parenting plans.

Depending on their age and situation, children can be interviewed by specially-trained staff to find out how the separation process is affecting them and what their wishes are. Children's Contact Service makes it possible for contact arrangements to take place with a Divorce relationship advice of stress both for children and their parents. Children's Contact Services provides a safe child-focussed environment in which children can be handed from one parent Divorce relationship advice the other without the parents meeting.

Relationships Australia also offers Relationship Courses and Family Skills Courses that may be useful for parents at this time. These courses are available in each Australian state and territory. Relationships Australia has published free booklets to help men and women who are going through separation and divorce. The booklets have been written to:. Share the Care children. A Fair Share property.

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Women and Separation. Men and Separation. Parenting Plan : "Share the care - Collaborative parenting apart" pdf This Relationships Australia Parenting Plan Booklet is a resource to help separating parents work out arrangements for the care of their children. Works, thought it would be good to go directly to the pdf dated Works, thought it would be good to go directly to the pdf. The views or opinions expressed in this information are general in nature and do not constitute professional advice. You may benefit from professional help to deal with individual and complex issues. Services Counselling.

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Divorce relationship advice

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Separation or divorce is a complex process – what should I do?