Do interracial marriages work

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The share of new marriages between spouses of a different race or ethnicity from each other increased to In about one-in-five of each group, both the husband and wife are college graduates. The average age of brides is about 32 years for both groups, and the age gap between the husband and wife is similar.

One exception is geographic differences: Intermarried newlyweds are more likely than newlyweds who married in to live in the Western states of the U. However, there are sharper differences among newlyweds based on the race, ethnicity and gender partnerships of the couples. Some of these differences appear to reflect the overall characteristics of different groups in society at large, and some may be a result of a selection process. When it comes to education, white newlyweds who married Asians are more educated Do interracial marriages work whites who married whites, blacks or Hispanics.

Also, about six-in-ten Asian newlyweds who married whites are college-educated. Newlywed Hispanics and blacks who married a white spouse are more likely to be college-educated than those who married within their group. Findings from a of recent Pew research surveys show that just as intermarriage has become more common, public attitudes have become more accepting.

Being a minority, younger, more educated, liberal and living in the Eastern or Western states are all traits associated with those who think more positively about intermarriage. Back inthe public was divided about this. Inmore than a quarter of newlyweds in each group married someone of a different race or ethnicity. Whites are by far the largest racial group in the U. Gender: Among blacks and Asians, there are ificant differences by gender in the tendency to marry outside their racial group. Black men are more than twice as likely as black women to marry someone outside their race, and the reverse pattern holds true for Asian men and women.

Among whites and Hispanics, there are no gender differences in intermarriage rates. Nativity Status: Marrying out is much more common among the native-born population than among immigrants. Native-born Hispanics were nearly three times as likely as their foreign-born counterparts to marry a non-Hispanic in Among Asian newlyweds, the intermarriage gap between native and the foreign born is much Do interracial marriages work for Asian men than Do interracial marriages work Asian women.

The gender differences are not ificant among Hispanic native- and foreign-born newlyweds. Backdrop and Recent Changes: The increasing popularity of intermarriage in the U. Only about half of U. The overall upward trend of intermarriage has masked some group differences in the past few years.

The share of Asian newlyweds who intermarry has actually declined from Do interracial marriages work share among Hispanic newlyweds remains the same, and there is a slight increase 0. Despite the small shifts of intermarriage among Asians and blacks, the overall racial and ethnic composition in pairings among intermarried newlyweds has been steady. The slight decline of intermarriage rates among Asian newlyweds between and is on a similar scale for both Asian males and females about a 3-percentage-point drop for each.

However, the increase in the intermarriage rate among black newlyweds is slightly more pronounced among males than females. The share of black male newlyweds marrying a non-black spouse increased from The rate for black female newlyweds increased by 1 percentage point.

Looking back in time: Variances between newlywed couples who married out and those who married in were also found among couples who married at an earlier time, but in a somewhat different manner. As far as the age difference goes, intermarried white men are slightly older than their Asian wives 1. The age difference among white couples is the same for both cohorts.

Several studies using government data have found that overall divorce rates are higher for couples who married out than for those who married in—but here, too, the patterns vary by the racial and gender characteristics of the couples.

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Do interracial marriages work

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