Dota 2 single matchmaking

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This thread is to compile a list of all matches which you felt were completely one-sided. If you want to post an unbalanced match in this thread you will need to post in this specific format: Match ID: xxxxxxxxxx Description: Why do you think this was one-sided? Were there any particularly strong or weak players? If so, were both teams in the same situation? Did someone say something like it's their first time to play a hero? Was one of the team dynamics off wrong heroes picked. Basically, give as much info as possible to help the devs investigate.

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I was solo queueing on AP mode only. I can't make very detailed description for every game, because I play a lot and too many of them is very one sided. Story is always very similar and imo most of unbalance comes from stacks who gank and roam from the Dota 2 single matchmaking begining. All this is caused because most heroes is very weak early and have limited possibilities which is why early roaming and ganking can make game very snowbally.

Chatwheel is almost never used and personally I find it annoying that it's not related to s like in CS 1. There's simply no way that solo player can protect himself from early man smoke ganks who have good cooperation if his team wont help him nor even call mia. After 10min difference in gold and xp get so high that one team isn't able to fight outside of their tower which limit their farming and put them more behind while enemy is keep getting more and more advatanges. Ofc smoke ganks aren't used only by stacks, but it's very unlikely for solo q players who didn't played before with each other to do such gank more than once or twice.

Real solo q would imo reduce amount of snowballing and open more possibility to comeback later on, due to similar amount of missunderstanding on both sides. Here's just few games which imo were totaly one sided. Match ID: [feedback] 8min in to the game Radiant team started to rage quit because they were not happy about SF and Timber dying a lot early game.

Im not sure if they were actually that bad or just had bad game, but they've made some serious mistakes over and over again. Match ID: [feedback] Radiant had a lot more cooperation than Dire, early ganking and roaming resulted in snowballing and very one sided game. Later sold all his items and started trolling. Match ID: [feedback] Radiant totaly dominated Dire, difference in cooperation was just huge. Match ID: [feedback] Dire had a lot better cooperation and dominated game easily. Lina was also playing poorly. Match ID: [feedback] Dire had very tryhard stack and dominated the game easily.

Match ID: [feedback] Dire had a lot more cooperation and dominated the game. Zeus from Radiant rage quited in the middle of the game tho. Match ID: [feedback] Radiant had a lot Dota 2 single matchmaking cooperation and won easily. Match ID: [feedback] Lina died a lot bottom and later intentionaly destroyed Naix midas recipe.

Naix got mad and went afk. I hope you ban those trolls for years! Game eneded in 20min Match ID: [feedback] Dire had some very coordinated stack and dominated easily. Match ID: [feedback] AM was playing very poorly. Radiant had much more cooperation and won without problems. Match ID: [feedback] Dire had a lot more cooperation and won easily 20min stomp. Comment Post Cancel. They are 5 man stack I assume they're talking on skype or vent.

Pushing,ganking as a team they just dominated the lanes.

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The Radiant had so bad players can't even contest a kill. I was solo q. You just can't solo win the game even if you're having a good game. Its a team game. Last edited by imbahi ;PM. Dota 2 single matchmaking had a nyx mid against zeus, who lost his lane, now i was at first angry with nyx, who didnt level his spiked carapace before mana burn and didnt gank most of the midgame. However, the enemy team's Zeus, was a cut above the rest. Upon inspecting his game history I noticed he has been queued with and against professional dota players.

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Meanwhile on my team, nyx, I must insist, did not know how to play his character. We got our behinds handed to us. And our team had absolutely no innate co-ordination. The OM disconnected. Upon inspecting the hours played of each player, everyone had similar hours played. With two exceptions. The first of which is the enemy spirit breaker, who has had around 40 matches total played, and the Zeus, who has around 1, matches played. The level of skill difference between each team can be likened to the distance between Dota 2 single matchmaking and the countless galaxies that twinkle in our night sky.

Not a team of scrubs to fight against one game, then dota-based lifeforms the next. Match id: My team was pretty low skilled, but the enemy team seemed to be high skill.

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By looking them up on dotabuff i found out that theyre most of the time playing as a four man stack. Obviously they had mics explaining the damn good coordination in teamfights. On top of that one of them was lvl 78 while our teams highest lvl was Since i read that mm balance is supposed to balance out the high lvl players first, im wondering how this is possible. This was the most braindead Lifestealer I've ever seen starting with a glove yea wtf? Omni obviously lacking in braincells dives the hardlane and dies repeatedly. On their safe lane they also fail and feed hard with Riki ending the 18min game Dota 2 single matchmaking only level 5.

He begins and finishes the 17minute game with only a ring of health. He ends with a score. Bat feeds for some reason and takes way too long to get an abandon stats were still recorded for some reason though.

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Zeus fails mid and feeds Phase Boots really Game ended ! Even though I repeatedly called them to back off they can't read the message nor respond to mass pings. One ends with a score and the other score. Game ends PA feeds almost as hard and goes troll build.

WR also feeds Game ends with a joke score. The first ends and the later Alchemist atleast farms his late Midas I barely win my lane against the Exort heavy Invoker but doesn't really count for much since he can still impact the game with his Sunstrikes. The useless Furion just farms and does nothing the whole game. Final game score is with 4 of those Dota 2 single matchmaking kills being mine.

Dota 2 single matchmaking

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