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On average, Americans spend 50 minutes a day on Facebook. What if people spent their lunchtime connecting in person, rather than just virtually? Modernity has not just affected Echo dating login social connections at mealtimes — it has changed how we feed our minds. Too often, the nuanced complexities of our friendships have been reduced to clever one-liners and carefully curated selfies. In this paradoxical state, we are so much more connected and alone at the same time. Organizations like Facebook want to maximize user time spent in their ecosystem.

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More time means more clicks, which means more profits. The solution is up to all of us. People must connect with each other, honestly, authentically, face to face. We believe that technology can help. As doctoral students at MIT, we developed a service that helps people connect — providing 50 minutes of in-person interaction for every five minutes of screen time. A year and a half ago, we were disturbed by a series of suicides in Echo dating login Cambridge community.

The tragedies started a conversation about social isolation and the awkwardness of meeting new people. Many of them also felt that a group setting was too impersonal to do that successfully. Inspired, we set out to create a more personal alternative.

It became a service called Connectarranging platonic, face-to-face meetings between interesting people over lunch.

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This approach stands in contrast Echo dating login dating sites and social networking platforms. Instead of trying to find your perfect match, Connect is trying to find a person with similarities that comfort you, but also differences that intrigue you. Connect users are asked a few profile questions to aid the matching algorithm. Connect then suggests a venue, time and a conversation starter. As users attend more lunches and provide the algorithm with feedback, it gradually learns more about the kind of attributes in other people that interest them.

An international MBA student may up, for example, and tell the system that he enjoys cooking and kayaking. He may get matched with a Ph. It turns out that we like meeting interesting new people. The vast majority — 90 percent — of users over the past year have rated their interactions on the platform a 4 out of 5 or better. Aside from having a nice lunch, about a third of users report having made a lasting friend, someone they keep in touch with regularly.

The success of Connect has spurred us to continue exploring how technology can help build stronger in-person communities. Thanks to Echo dating login from various offices at MITwe have even managed to pay for lunches on campus, further lowering the barriers to meeting an interesting new person.

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We plan to take the platform global early next year, so that administrators at schools around the world will be able to help their students, faculty, staff Echo dating login alumni connect more directly. We are hopeful that from a supportive academic cradle, Connect can grow into a platform that helps anyone, student or otherwise, find their next best friend. As platforms like Connect continue to grow, perhaps technology can help dismantle the echo chamber it helped create.

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Echo dating login

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