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Some of the most long-standing Hollywood couples, like Meryl Streep and Don Gummer, tied the knot after less than one year of dating. Other famous duos, such as Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneresparted ways after Famous people in love first met and found their way back to each other. Here are 25 celebrity couples whose relationships will make you believe that true love exists.

I was like, 'Oh god, I think I'm going to fall in love with her. Blunt had a similar experience and told People TV she met the actor through a mutual friend. And then [my friend] goes, 'Oh, my God, there's my friend John.

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Although de Famous people in love wasn't out when she met the television host, she told Oprah that she felt an "immediate draw" to DeGeneres when she spotted her at a party in They rekindled years later and emerged as a couple after de Rossi Famous people in love came out in The duo wed in when the Supreme Court of California ruled that same-sex couples could get marriedand have remained together since.

After de Rossi gifted DeGeneres a gorilla sanctuary for her 60th birthday, the television host said, "When we got married, Portia's line was, 'It's good to be loved. It's profound to be understood. George's parents, Nick and Nina, were at the dinner party where the famous actor met Amal, according to People. Nick told People, "I really think by the time that first meeting was over, his and her fates were sealed, both of them. Three years after marrying George inthe human rights attorney gave birth to twins, Ella and Alexander. While pursuing their own separate careers, George and Amal have ed together in the fight for global human rights.

George told Esquire inFamous people in love and I are working on things now that matter to us on a whole other level, in a whole other world. If there's a legacy for me, it's yet to be written. He added, "I've never been happier in a relationship by any stretch of the imagination. At 52 I found the love of my life and I'm really happy. InParker told The New York Times, "The last 48 hours or so, Matthew has had this running joke about us, we work together, we eat together, we sleep together, we wake up together, we work together, we eat together, we sleep together.

They wed in and have been together ever since. Leading up to their 20th wedding anniversary inParker spoke about their relationship on a episode of Sophia Amoruso's "Girlboss Radio" podcast. I always felt that I wanted to invest more. I love him, and I think he's brilliant. I'm sure I annoy him. He annoys me sometimes. I'm enormously proud of the person he is.

I think the longer you can last, the more invested you just are," the "Sex and the City" actress said. He told the magazine, "I was actually at a friend of mine's house when it aired and I remember thinking 'that girl's cute. After appearing together in multiple projects, the duo tied the knot in Often asked about the secret to their successful marriage, which has lasted more than 30 years, Hanks emphasized that marriage shouldn't always be hard.

No it's not. Every now and again you know, you gotta get over some stuff but life is one damn thing after another and it's actually more pleasant to be able to go home with someone you like to spend time with in order to get with it," he said, according to Popsugar. Before their paths crossed, Rodriguez said Lopez was his dream date in The duo first met inwhen Lopez was married to Marc Anthony, and got together intwo years after the "Hustlers" actress and Anthony split up.

The athlete proposed in Lopez spoke about her relationship with Rodriguez during an interview with Hola. I feel like I can say that for the first time — I don't know — maybe ever," she said.

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The singer continued, "And not that I didn't have great relationships, full of love and adventure, but this is the first relationship I've been where I feel like we really make each other better. We complement each other, and there's really pure, true love.

Just wanting to support the other person and make them happy.

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The "Greatest Showman" actor met Furness when they both appeared on "Correlli" in He proposed to her four months later. Jackman and Furness wed inwhich was before the actor's career took off. He added, "We can kind of see all the ups and downs for what they are.

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Our priority is our family, and we're there for each other no matter what. Before the couple ever met, Jonas messaged the actress on Twitter and said, "I'm hearing from a few mutual friends that we should meet," he told Vogue. They texted afterward but didn't cross paths until the Oscars after-party in — and the musician got down on his knee and asked, "Where have you been all my life? Months later, they attended the Met Gala together but didn't see each other for an entire year Famous people in love the event.

After meeting up at the Met Gala inthey began dating and, in Famous people in love of that year, exchanged vows in two wedding ceremonies: one Hindu and one Christian. And although Chopra Jonas told Vogue she promised that she'd never talk about her relationships publicly, she acknowledged that she changed the rules with Jonas. What is happening? I've not known myself like this," she said. Chopra Jonas added, "This guy turned me into such a girl! If Famous people in love could blush, I'd be tomato red right now.

Devastated after her boyfriend John Cazale died in Famous people in love, Streep wrote about finding a source of support in her brother's friend Gummer in her memoir " Her Again: Finding Meryl Streep. People reported that she moved in to his apartment while filming "Kramer vs. Kramer," and they tied the knot six months after Cazale died. Now, they share four children and attend many events arm-in-arm. After winning an Academy Award for her role in 's "Iron Lady," Streep thanked her husband during her acceptance speech. She said"First I'm going to thank Don, because when you thank your husband at the end of the speech they play him out with the music, and I want him to know that everything I value most in our lives, you've given me.

Since proposing inthe soccer player has continued to show appreciation for his wife and gifted her more than 14 rings, according to W. The couple and their four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, appeared together on the cover in Victoria continued, "Would either of us be in the position that we are in now had we not met and been together all those years ago?

It's all about the family unit. We are much stronger the six of us, than we would be if we were individuals. We respect that family bond and that is key. When she was 20 years old, Teigen starred alongside Legend, then 28 years old, in his music video for "Stereo" in After filming, she went to his hotel to say goodbye and ended up staying the night.

Aside from a brief breakup, the couple has been together ever since and exchanged vows in Lake Como, Italy in Also inLegend released " All of Me ," a love song he he wrote for Teigenwho told The Huffington Post that she cried when she heard it. That's the way you should be with your partner," Legend said in a video he posted to Twitter. The couple shares two children, Luna and Miles, and frequently posts videos of their family on social media. They got married inshortly before Urban checked into rehab for substance addiction. Kidman canceled her professional commitments to support him, and they emerged stronger than ever.

The famous tennis player told Vanity Fair that she met Ohanian by chance during a trip to Rome in Williams hadn't heard of Reddit, which Ohanian cofounded, and the entrepreneur wasn't very familiar with tennis. However, they began spending time together, and one of their first dates was a stroll through Paris.

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They kept their relationship private, although Ohanian often attended her matches. Williams gave birth to her first child, Alexis Olympia, in Later that year, the couple got married. I find myself just wanting to be better by simply being around her because of the standard she holds," Ohanian told Vanity Fair.

She didn't get the part, but they did form a friendship and Famous people in love wed in From starting a family to overcoming cheating speculations, Will and Jada have stood by each other's sides for decades.

We refer to ourselves as life partners," the "Hitch" actor told Tidal's Rap Radar podcast in They tied the knot in and share two children, one of which attended the couple's alma mater. During an interview with Redbookthe "Seinfeld" actress spoke about their relationship.

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Louis-Dreyfus continued, "Brad and I certainly have similar goals and sensibilities; we're on the same in terms of how we want to raise our children and what we like to do. We're always trying new things together — having adventures is a great way to be with your partner. The pair met as costars on Fox's "That '70s Show," and Kutcher was the actress' first kiss ever.

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They went on to form relationships with other people before reconnecting at the Golden Globes in Kunis and Kutcher have been together since and tied the knot in In an interview with Marie ClaireKunis spoke about how her friendship with Kutcher evolved into a romance. All of a sudden, it wasn't the same and I was really proud of myself for acknowledging that," she said.

Famous people in love actress added, "The best day of my life so far was the proposal. I cried. I was a mess. Not to discredit any relationships in my past, but this relationship is different. Although they were both involved with other people at the time, Reynolds and Lively met while filming the film "Green Lantern. They share three children.

Lively gushed about her husband in a interview with Marie Claire. That was the biggest thing to me. I'd never known anything like the friendship that I had with him," she said. From the time the pair began seeing each other aroundthey became one of the most well-known couples in the world. She added, "It's just that I love him so much that we almost feel like one. I don't know how to describe it. Mutual friends tried to introduce the two celebrities, but Jonas took the matter into his own hands and messaged the "Game of Thrones" actress on Instagram in They began seeing each other soon after, although they kept their relationship private.

Inthey wed in Las Vegas before later exchanging vows once again in France. Throughout their time together, they've spoken about the positivity that their relationship has brought them. That was probably the biggest thing that pushed me to find who I am — and find my happiness in things other than acting," Turner told Glamour.

The couple, who is notoriously private, made their first public appearance in and exchanged vows in an under-the-radar wedding in the Bahamas the same year. They've since appeared together in "Loving Pablo" and "Everybody Knows. In an interview with VultureBardem spoke about the ways that their relationship has evolved. He said, "We work as hard as we can, but we recognize how hard we can work depends on each other's Famous people in love.

It's important not to be confused by fiction. Fiction is fiction, reality is its own thin. Bardem continued, "You must always know when you're working on a level of re-creation, outside of real life. The comedian married the entrepreneur inand Wong often references her husband during her stand-up comedy shows. I talk a lot about him in my act so it's kind of a meet and greet. I don't go out there. The actors met as costars on "All My Children" in and eloped the following year. They share three children, Lola, Joaquin, and Michael, and often post photos of their family on social media. I never thought about getting married.

It never occurred to me that I would grow old Famous people in love someone. She continued, "I had no responsibilities and I was earning a good living on the soap opera, so when I saw him, the photograph of him, I saw my entire future with him flash before my eyes. I saw it. I didn't believe in any of that and now I do because of that moment.

Famous people in love

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25 celebrity couples that will convince you true love exists