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Anyone can up at this website and post a profile completely for free. When creating your profile, Fitness-Singles. First, describe your favorite fitness activities, why you love maintaining an active lifestyle, and what you are looking for in an activity partner. Finally, make sure to include photos, especially those of you enjoying your favorite activities. While creating and posting a profile on the website is actually free, it does require a paid membership in order to interact with the other users on the website.

Members can cancel their s at any time, but since it is free to have a profile up on the website, members who would like their profiles removed must go into their and choose the Hide My Profile feature so that active members can no longer see it. If you have any experience with Fitness-Singles. So I first used a throwaway with no photo and basic information to browse the site and see if it's worth using. I liked the initial impression, so I decided to try and make a real with a photo and more information about me.

This real was blocked immediately and I couldn't log in even after changing my password. I received an automatic from the website saying that they "are unable to approve your profile and your Fitness singles customer service number been closed.

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If you feel this was done in error, please fill out our contact form. I went ahead and filled out their contact form and explained the issue I was having. I was met with a brief response a few days later saying "At this time, we are unable to approve your profile and your has been closed. After a second review, this determination is final. Our concerns about its authenticity are simply too grave to allow it ever to be published. This determination is final. The profile has been quarantined and ultimately removed.

We're sorry. This is our last correspondence regarding this matter. Thank you. They clearly aren't concerned about authenticity like they state they are. I was excited to use this website, but now I Fitness singles customer service number try and warn others to not waste their time trying to use it. Lots of obviously fake profiles and people who just try and get as many pics from women as possible. Interestingly, after having subscribed and paid via card my card was cloned and some guys in Russia tried to get at my money thank heaven my Bank is good and blocked the Fitness singles customer service number immediately.

Scam in more ways than one, beware and keep away!!! I tried to cancel. If they are going to keep my money at least let me. I complained because the ragged site Fitness Singles wasn't working and was told it was their site and if I didn't like it I could leave. They indicated that they would refund my money and then sent me an saying my "free" membership had been cancelled when it was a "paid" membership.

Then I was blocked from sending further s to their customer service.

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I hope they shut this scamming website down! They did the same thing to me and there is to call to speak with someone. I will file a complaint to the BBB as well. Yeah I wish I would have seen this before ing up!

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I see all the fakes on there. Is there no way to police these scams? If you are a male member looking for a female you must live in a capital city of whatever country you live. If you are over 40 you'll have even less choice,as matter what permutation of search criteria I used absolutely no one in my are,the North East of England,turned up in any of the searches. All in all,very very bad value for money. There are tons of fake female profiles too. Just don't waste your time and money.

I was browsing my internet on May 18th,when a commercial pops up called Fitness Singles. I went to browse on it as it says ed Free Membership.

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I checked on this people's profile, just to find out they're so young and out of state or country. I should have stop from there, but one viewer caught my attention which interest me, but unable to view the message as I need to pay, therefore, I decided to sent payment for one month, just to view his messages. Immediately, I sensed his messages were all scripted. When I responded, he finally wrote back with answer I don't have time for games.

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I'm sorry" Good luck. Another member wrote message saying he wants to meet mebut he was in London, or Ontario Canada or I don't know which planet he live. I believed this is a Real Scam Dating site that just want to Fitness singles customer service number off fitness enthusiast. If you want to cancel your membership, the name of the corporation E-Unity Corp.

They have trained employees or paid accomplices to pretend to be members, then entice you by their sweet scripted messages. I hope this help.!!!. I started poking around on dating sites to see if anything would come about them. As the other reviewers have mentioned, all of them are exactly as they say it is.

Profiles are out of state, the profile pictures are purchased from a company that supplies dating sites with millions of profiles from other dating sites. They tell you, if you are not happy, they will give you a free YEAR! Just to let you know, most profiles on dating sites are old ones and they sites keep vacant s to look bigger than they really are. This is why Fitness Singles will give you a free year. They probably sell their profiles as well. Which are nothing more than fake as well. I know they are fake because a simple search for reviews on them are the same as this one.

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Nothing more than a Fitness singles customer service number. Bad experience completing the free profile and thinking about ing up. I created a quick profile late one evening. Here is what I wrote. I'm an active, professional woman with a focus on healthy living and balance. Fitness, exercise and diet is a part of my every day life and would love to meet someone with similar values. No pressure, not sure how I feel about this site. More info to follow. No pressure : That wasn't what I wrote or feel. I'm a single woman on a dating website, who wouldn't be unsure how they feel?

I found the edits odd and unethical I changed it back, and thought I would update it the next AM, but noticed it was declined. I'm not a trouble maker and was excited about meeting a partner who is into fitness like me, but I found that to be unethical. Safety is important to me and so is ethics.

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I closed my. Paied for one year membership, and meet a man in 2 weeks. Got phone calls, e-mails, and hot words every day. The man asked me to drop out the dating site because he does not wanted to loose me. After I dropped out the dating site, he called me on Skype, and teling me that his job went worng, and needs money to fix it. I was alrted, because had heard people telling me that some Nigerian using other people's profile to scam for money.

He says, you can see how much money on my bankbut I can not withdraw it until I finish Fitness singles customer service number job. At this point, I Knew it is a scam!! Online dating is a nice thing for prople to meet and to know each other, but these ugly scammers are criminals!!! Becarfull out there!! Website: www. Write a Review.

Well, the joke is officially on us. Sort Reviews By:. Fake January 28, Fake profiles and scam artist owners. Helpful 0. Won't let you make a legit October 21, Mike R. Chris l. Password issue January 17, I'm having trouble logging in my because my password is invalid even though I am typing in the right password.

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Fitness singles customer service number

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