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Marketing cookies Cookies used for marketing and advertising purposes. Call for free - almost! Free shook up the French telecommunications market with its low-cost, contract-free sans engagement mobile offers, and has been one of the fastest-growing actors in the French mobile phone market since its entry in But is Free worth the hype?

Find out everything you need to know about Free in our guide. Free is the most recent mobile and Internet services provider in Franceestablished in by the telecommunications company Iliad, and led by the French entrepreneur Xavier Niel. This new operator shook up the French mobile phone industry when it entered the market in with its low-cost offers. Free's business model is based on providing no-frills service at low prices think Henry Ford and "you can have any colour as long as it's black". Mobile phone plans are discounted when you purchase an internet plan with Free, as is the case with most of the telecom providers in France, so it pays to compare offers to understand which mobile plan is right for you.

What Free lacks in quantity of options it makes up for in quality, with some very attractive offers, as well as special discounts on phone and Internet plans throughout the year:. Unlimited data for Freebox customers. As ofFree Free mobile paris has 6 main Free mobile paris for Internet, know as its Freebox :. The Free internet boxes require a one-year contract where you pay a reduced tariff during the first year, after which the price increasesexcept for the Delta and Delta S boxes which don't come with a commitment.

It comes with Free mobile paris following:. It includes the following features:. The Crystal Freebox package comes with Internet and a fixed telephone line and includes:. The Freebox Delta S is a simplified offer of the Freebox Delta package and includes internet and landline, but not television.

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The Freebox Pop is the latest addition to the Freebox range. As far as tariffs go, prices vary from one box to another and depend on how long you Free mobile paris been subscribed. Look out for Free internet promotionstoo. Free Terms and Conditions You can find in the following links Free's terms and conditions for mobile phone plans and for Internet plans both in French. Customer reviews for Free Mobile France - as is the case for all providers - are mixed.

Here is a quick summary of what customers say about Free:. Free does not currently offer English-speaking customer service. While you can contact Free and find help via the Free mobile on mobile. Need Telecom Advice in English?

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Call our English-speaking customer service line on 09 77 55 72 27 or ask for a free callback to get help subscribing to a phone contract that will suit your needs and budget - it's free! Find all the ways to get in touch with Free in our guide to contacting Free. Note, the and s won't work if you are abroad or calling from an international phone .

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Just have a quick question? Try Free's online customer assistance, available here in French.

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While it is improving its network coverage, Free's current coverage is weaker than other French telecommunications companies. The roaming agreement was due to end inbut the phasing out period has been extended two years to according to the French telecommunications regulator ARCEP. The last of the major French telecommunications operators to receive a licence for 4G, Free was relatively behind on its 4G network coverage but has been pursuing a rapid rollout of ultra-fast landline and mobile networks.

Call our English-speaking customer service line at 09 77 55 72 27 Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 9 pm, am to pm on Saturdays and on Sundays 9 am to 5 pm or ask for a free callback to get help subscribing to internet and mobile phone offers Free mobile paris France. Find out everthing Free mobile paris need to know about getting the internet and a French mobile plan with our guide to setting up a phone and Internet plan in France.

Set up your Internet and Mobile Plan Today!

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Contact our English-speaking Free mobile paris to get a free comparison of offers and help setting up your telecom contracts in Free mobile paris. Just call 09 77 55 72 27or ask for a free callback. Cancel Your Subscription to Free Selectra's cancellation service makes cancelling your Internet or phone plan easy. Most of Free's internet and mobile phone offers are contract-free sans engagementmeaning that you can cancel at any time without penalty and with relatively little hassle.

Free will cancel your plan within 10 days of having received the letter, or in some cases, on the last day of the month. In most cases, you should be able to cancel your Free mobile phone plan without penalty Free's mobile phone plans are sans engagement - nonbinding. However, note that conditions are different Free mobile paris a phone is included in your plan. Free "rents" phones based on a month commitment, meaning that you may need to return the phone and all of its parts within 30 days of cancelling your plan if it is before the month mark.

Alternatively, you may be charged for the months remaining on your month commitment. You can find out more about how to cancel a mobile phone plan in France in our guide, or you can use this letter template when writing your cancellation letter. Don't forget to send it by registered post! Vous retrouverez ci-t les justificatifs de cette situation. Mon contrat devra prendre fin le [Date you wish to cancel your plan].

If you have decided to switch from Free to another providerchances are you will want to keep the same phone. This is a digit that you can find by dialling to automatically receive your RIO in a textor in your online client space. You then will need to communicate this to your new provider - they will take care of the rest transferring yourcancelling service with Free! Most of Free's Internet plans are also sans engagement non-bindingmeaning that you can cancel your plan at any time.

Find out more about cancelling an Internet plan in France. Find out more and manage cookies. Manage Cookies We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience More info. These cookies allowed us to study how users navigate on the website. Cookies used for marketing and advertising purposes. Save preferences. OK Withdraw consent. Back up. If calling from an international phone. If you have an enquiry about your current Free internet or mobile service.

If you need to access Free customer service from abroad.

Free mobile paris

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