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The elections showcased what was easily the most radical higher-education agenda the Democratic Party has ever endorsed. But the case for them was premised on the claims that access to college is severely inequitable and unaffordable, and that matters have grown worse in recent years. Common though they are, these assertions are false. In fact, access and equity in our higher-education system have improved over the past 20 years, and both tuition and student-loan payments are far more affordable than many assume. The National Affairs Podcast, Episode A conversation about Franklin and the arts of persuasion and self-government.

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The National Affairs Podcast, Episode A conversation about the compromises and tensions between American parents and schools over educating children. Patriotism in the American context has always involved both a devotion to an intricate latticework of ideals, sentiments, and overlapping loyalties, and also a commitment to our unique traditions, culture, history, people, and land.

These two types of American patriotism are undeniably in tension, but the tension has been a healthy one throughout our history. Since its founding, our nation's universal ideals have meshed with, and derived strength from, Americans' local and particular sentiments. Throughout its four decades of publication, ending init offered incomparable insight and wisdom on a vast range of challenges at the intersection of public affairs, culture, and political economy—helping America better understand and govern itself in a tumultuous time.

National Affairs now hosts its archives, free of charge. The spending undertaken by federal appropriators — just like private businesses and households — is Free site for affairs by a budget. But federal regulators face no such constraints. They can impose costs on the economy without limit, as long Free site for affairs they can somehow claim sufficient benefits connected to their rules.

It is time for Congress to establish a regulatory budget to contain the cost of our administrative state. America has generally marked out a division of labor between the institutions of politics and those of civil society, including and especially those of religion.

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It is as the foremost of our civil-society institutions that religious organizations play a crucial role in Free site for affairs our distinctive system of government — as shapers of citizens, and as limiting counterparts to the state. That is why citizens concerned for our tradition of limited, constitutional government should be friendly to the cause of American religion — even if they are not believers themselves.

Americans revere the nation's founders, and it seems perfectly natural that we should. But we are never quite clear about exactly who counts as a founder, and exactly for what. Our country had more than one beginning, and has several uses for its several foundings.

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In fact, the idea of a national founding needed to be introduced into our political vocabulary and developed into the core of our self-understanding. The concept of the American founding itself had a founder. Forgot password? Is There a College Financing Crisis? Simply readable. July 18, Taking Care. July 17, Attractions. Current Issue.

Learn More. How to Think Free site for affairs Patriotism Wilfred M. Summer Up and down with ecology—the "issue-attention cycle" Anthony Downs The Public Interest was a quarterly public policy journal founded by Irving Kristol and Daniel Bell in Browse the archives. Insight from the Archives. A weekly newsletter with free essays from past issues of National Affairs and The Public Interest that shed light on the week's pressing issues. -in to your National Affairs subscriber. Already a subscriber?

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