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Man cannot speak for us-because he has been educated to believe that we differ from him so materially, that he cannot judge of our thoughts, feelings and opinions by his own.

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Moral beings can only judge of others by themselves-the moment they give a different nature to any of their own kind they utterly fail. The drunkard was hopelessly lost until it was discovered that he was governed by the same laws of mind as the sober man.

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Then with what magic power, by kindness and love, was he raised from the slough of despond and placed rejoicing on high land. He can know but little with certainty, and that but by observation. Every allusion to the degraded and inferior position occupied by woman all over the world, has ever been met by scorn and abuse. From the man of highest mental cultivation, to the most degraded wretch who staggers in the streets do we hear ridicule and coarse jests, freely bestowed upon those who dare assert that woman stands by the side of man-his equal, placed here by her God to enjoy with him the beautiful earth, which is her home as it is his-having the same sense of right and wrong and looking to the same Being for guidance and support.

So long has man exercised a Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love over her injurious to himself and benumbing to her faculties, that but few can nerve themselves against the storm, and so long has the chain been about her that however galling it may be she knows not there is a remedy. Suffice it to say for the present, that wherever we turn the history of woman is sad and drear and dark, without any alleviating circumstances, nothing from which we can draw consolation.

As the nations of the earth emerge from a state of barbarism, the sphere of woman gradually becomes wider but not even under what is thought to be the full blaze of the sun of civilization is it what God deed it to be. In every country and clime does man assume the responsibility of marking out the path for her to tread,-in every country does he regard her as a being inferior to himself and one whom he is to guide and controul. From the Arabian Kerek whose wife is obliged to steal from her Husband to supply the necessities of life,-from the Mahometan who forbids pigs dogs women and other impure animals to enter a mosque, and does not allow a fool, madman or women to proclaim the hour of prayer,-from the German who complacently smokes his meerschaum while his wife, yoked with the ox draws the plough through its furrow,-from the delectable gentleman who thinks an inferior style of conversation adapted to women-to the legislator who considers her incapable of saying what laws shall govern her, is this same feeling manifested.

In all eastern countries she is a mere Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love bought and sold at pleasure.

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Truly has she herself said in her best estate. I am a slave, a favoured slave At best to share his pleasure and seem very blest, When weary of these fleeting charms and me. There yawns the sack and yonder rolls the sea, What! In France the Salic law tells much although it is said that woman there has ever had great influence Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love all political revolutions.

In England she seems to have advanced a little- There she has a right to the throne, and is allowed to hold some other offices and some women have a right to vote too- But in the United States of America woman has no right either to hold office, Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love to the elective franchise, we stand at this moment, unrepresented in this government-our rights and interests wholly overlooked.

I would recommend this class to the attentive perusal of their Bibles-to historical research, to foreign travel-to a closer observation of the manifestations of mind about them and to an humble comparison of themselves with such women as Catharine of Russia, Elizabeth of England distinguished for their statesmanlike qualities, Harriet Martineau and Madame de Stael for their literary attainments, or Caroline Herschel and Mary Summerville for their scientific researches, or for physical equality to that whole nation of famous women the Amazones.

When we shall have had our colleges, our professions, our trades, for a century a comparison may then be justly instituted. When woman instead of being taxed to endow colleges where she is forbidden to enter, instead of forming societies to educate young men shall first educate herself, when she shall be just to herself before she is generous to others-improving the talents God has given her and leaving her neighbour to do the same for himself we shall not then hear so much of this boasted greatness. How often now we see young men carelessly throwing away the intellectual food their sisters crave.

A little music that she may while an hour away pleasantly, a little French, a smattering of the sciences and in rare instances some slight classical knowledge and a woman is considered highly educated. She leaves her books and studies just at the time a young man is entering thoroughly into his-then comes the cares and perplexities of married life. Her sphere being confined to her house and children, the burden generally being very unequally divided, she knows nothing beside and whatever yearning her spirit may have felt for a higher existence, whatever may have been the capacity she well knew she possessed for more elevated enjoyments-enjoyments which would not conflict with these but add new lustre to them-it is all buried beneath the weight that presses upon her.

Men bless their innocence are fond of representing themselves as beings of reason-of intellect-while women are mere creatures of the affections- There is a self conceit that makes the possesser infinitely happy and one would dislike to dispel the illusion, if it were possible to endure it.

But so far as we can observe it is pretty much now-a-days as it was with Adam of old. No doubt you all recollect the we have given us. A man and Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love woman were placed in a beautiful garden. Every thing was about them that could contribute to their enjoyment.

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Trees and shrubs, fruits and flowers, and gently murmuring streams made glad their hearts. Zephyrs freighted with delicious odours fanned their brows and the serene stars looked down upon them with eyes of love. He set his wits to work to know how he should destroy it. He thought that man could be Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love conquered through his affection for the woman.

But the woman would require more management. She could be reached only through her intellectual nature. So he promised her the knowledge of good and evil. He told her the sphere of her reason should be enlarged, he promised to gratify the desire she felt for intellectual improvement, so he prevailed and she did eat.

Did the Evil One judge rightly in regard to man?

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He knew he was doing wrong, but his love for Eve prevailed and he did eat. Look now at our theological seminaries, our divinity students-the long line of descendents from our apostolic Fathers and what do we find here? Perfect moral rectitude in every relation of life, a devoted spirit of self sacrifice, a perfect union in thought opinion and feeling among those who profess to worship the one God and whose laws they feel themselves called upon to declare to a fallen race? Far from it. These persons all so thoroughly acquainted with the character of God and of his des made manifest by his words and works are greatly divided among themselves-every sect has its God, every sect has its own Bible, and there is as much bitterness, envy, hatred and malice between these contending sects yea even more than in our political parties during periods of the greatest excitement.

Now the leaders of these sects are the priesthood who are supposed to have passed their lives almost in the study of the Bible, in various languages and with various commentaries, in the contemplation of the infinite, the eternal and the glorious future Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love to the redeemed of earth.

Are they distinguished among men for their holy aspirations-their virtue, purity, and chastity? Do they keep themselves unspotted from the world? Is the moral and religious life of this class what we might expect from minds said to be continually fixed on such mighty themes? By no means, not a year passes but we hear of some sad soul sickening deed perpetrated by some of this class. If such be the state of the most holy we need not pause now to consider those classes who claim of us less reverence and respect.

The lamentable want of principle among our lawyers generally is too well known to need comment-the everlasting bickering and backbiting of our physicians is proverbial- The disgraceful riots at our polls where man in performing so important a duty of Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love citizen ought surely to be sober minded. Woman has now the noble virtues of the martyr, she is early schooled to self denial and suffering. But man is not so wholly buried in selfishness that he does not sometimes get a glimpse of the narrowness of his soul, as compared with women.

Then he says by way of an excuse for his degradation, God made woman more self denying than us, it is her nature, it does not cost her as much to give up her wishes, her will, her life even as it does us. We are naturally selfish, God made us so. We would not have woman less pure, but we would have man more so. We would have the same code of morals for both. Moral delinquencies which exclude women from the society of the true and the good should as to man the same place.

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Our partiality towards man has been the fruitful source of dissipation and riot, drunkenness and debauchery and immorality of all kinds. It has not only affected woman injuriously by narrowing her sphere of action, but man himself has suffered from it. It has destroyed the nobleness, the gentleness that should belong to his character, the beauty and transparency of soul the dislike of every thing bordering on coarseness and vulgarity, all those finer qualities of our nature which raise us above the earth and give us a foretaste of the beauty and bliss, the refined enjoyments of the world to come.

Methinks I hear some say, surely you will not contend for equality here. Yes, we must not give an inch lest you claim an ell, we cannot accord to man even this much and he has no right to claim it until the fact be fully demonstrated, until the physical education of the boy and the girl shall have been the same for many years. But the perfection of the physique is great power combined with endurance. Now your strongest men are not always the tallest men, nor the broadest, nor the most corpulent, but very often the small man who is well built, tightly put together and possessed of an indomitable will.

Bodily strength depends something on the power of will. The sight of a small boy thoroughly thrashing a big one is not rare. Now would you say the big fat boy whipped was superior to the small active boy who conquered him? You do not say the horse is physically superior to the man-for although he has more muscular power, yet the power of mind in man renders him his superior and he guides him wherever he will. Many men of Herculean powers of mind have been small and weak in body. The late distinguished Dr Channing of Boston was very small and feeble in appearance and voice, yet he has moved the world by the eloquence of his pen.

John Quincy Adams was a small man Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love but little muscular power, yet we know he had more courage than all the northern dough faces of six feet high and well proportioned that ever represented us at our Capitol. We know that mental power depends much more on the temperament than the size of the head or the size of the body.

I have never heard that Daniel Lambert was distinguished for any great mental endowments. We cannot say what the woman might be physically, if the girl were allowed all the freedom of the boy in romping, climbing, swimming, playing hoop and ball. Among some of the Tarter tribes of the present day the women manage a horse, hurl a javelin, hunt wild animals, and fight an enemy as well as the men.

The Indian women endure fatigue and carry burthens that some Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love our fair faced, soft handed, mustachoed, young gentlemen would Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love it quite impossible for them to sustain. The Croatian, and Wallachian women perform all the agricultural operations, and we know what physical strength such labours require in addition to their own domestic concerns; and it is no uncommon sight in our cities to see the German immigrant with his hands in his pockets, walking complacently by the side of Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love wife, whilst she is bending beneath the weight of some huge package or piece of furniture,-physically as well as intellectually it is use that produces growth and developement.

But there is a class of objectors who say they do not claim superiority, they merely assert a difference, but you will find by following them up closely that they make this difference to be vastly in favour of man. He says too that the organs that are the most exercised are the most prominent. Some say our he are less. We did not as some have supposed assemble to go into the detail of social life alone, we did not propose to petition the legislature to make our Husbands just, generous and courteous, to seat every man at the head of a cradle and to clothe every woman in male attire, no none of these points however important they may be considered by humble minds, were touched upon in the convention.

As to their costume the gentlemen need feel no fear of our imitating that for we think it in violation of every principle of beauty taste and dignity and notwithstanding all the contempt and abuse cast upon our loose flowing garments we still admire their easy graceful folds, and consider our costume as an object of taste much more beautiful than theirs.

Many of the nobler sex seem to agree with us in this opinion for all the Bishops, Priests, Judges, Barristers, and Lord Mayors of the first nation on the globe and the Pope of Rome too, when officiating in their highest offices, they all wear the loose flowing robes, thus tacitly acknowledging that Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love ordinary male attire is neither dignified nor imposing.

Yours be the glory to discover by personal experience how long the knee pan can resist the terrible strapping down which you impose-in how short time the well developed muscles of the throat can be reduced to mere thre by the constant pressure of the stock, how high the heel of the boot must be to make a short man tall and how tight the Russian belt may be drawn and yet have wind enough to sustain life.

Our ambition le us neither to discovery or martyrdom of this sort. We met. This right no one pretends to deny. We need not prove ourselves equal to Daniel Webster to enjoy this privilege for the most ignorant Irishman in the ditch has all the civil rights he has, we need not prove our muscular power equal to this same Irishman to enjoy this privilege for the most tiny, weak, ill shaped, imbecile stripling of 21 has all the civil rights of the Irishman. We have no objection to discuss the question of equality, for we feel that the weight of argument lies wholly with us, but we wish the question of equality kept distinct from the question of rights, for the proof of the one does not determine the truth of the other.

Gentleman seeks sweet womantrue love

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