Getting to know her better questions

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Romantic relationships are so deed that the man is naturally the hunter and the woman the prey. As the hunter, the onus is on you to keep chasing the woman until you can capture her heart. One of the ways to unleash your hunting skills is to ask some fun and out-of-the-box questions on a date.

But as the conversation rages on, you can introduce more personal, funny, and even dirty questions. She may not answer all the questions to your satisfaction, which is perfectly understandable. Your focus here is to establish how much time she spends on social media and how she spends it. Trust me; they will be truly ridiculous.

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But you should know how she intends to achieve the often elusive work-life balance. A creative way of inquiring about the activities she enjoys the most as well as those that turn her off completely. Pay even keener attention here, especially if this is your maiden date.

You want to know whether you lived up to or fell short of her expectations. It would be great to date a feminist who champions for gender equality. But it would be a tragedy to get into a relationship with a toxic feminist who Getting to know her better questions pulls the gender card to escape responsibilities. One of the questions most women will shy away from answering. Women generally demonstrate a higher level of self-awareness than men. So, she most likely already know the meaning of her name. Get ready for some sobering answers here.

The chances are that she has been demanding way too much in a relationship. Bruises obtained during childhood are fine as she probably injured herself while playing with her peers. However, beware of a girl whose body is seared with scars obtained from fights with fellow women or even men. This answer to this question will be an eye-opener. The answer can be anything normal, from a good movie to soothing music, a backyard party, etc.

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It can also be something utterly unexpected, like a snoring partner. Ensure she mentions at least three foods, then check for any junk foods on the list. Without intending to sound mean, life is too short to date a junk food lover. Observe how she answers and establish whether she glorifies the gift or the gift giver. Maybe she loved the gifter more than the gift itself. And if the gifter is her ex, well, you get the picture. This question will offer you more insights into her sense of money. But does she mention saving and investment as one of the top ways she would spend the lottery?

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Despite how bad or awesome the relationship may have been, she must have come out with some valuable lessons. Pay attention to how she responds and ensure that she keeps a level head. You not only want to know their names or addresses, but also their schooling, occupation, and interests. Most importantly, inquire how much of an impact those friends have had on her life. If yours was just a casual meet-up, asking this question at the end of the conversation is an excellent way of gauging whether she liked you or not.

In addition to asking the above questions, there are a few other bonus tips that you can implement to spice up a conversation with a girl. Your constant smiles will reassure her and help diffuse any tension in the air. Also, maintain eye contact with her throughout the conversation. Instead, consider taking turns to ask the questions. Inspirationfeed Inspiring and educating Getting to know her better questions minds from around the world. Last Updated on September 29, Romantic relationships are so deed that the man is naturally the hunter and the woman the prey.

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Getting to know her better questions

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30 Questions to Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her Better