Glory hole madison wi

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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not Glory hole madison wi. Not a member? Tap my shoe. I'm interested in getting a BJ from a couple guys at a time while sucking a third big cock. Guess I will spend more time here. I took it deep from behind and swallowed.

Will return. Would be nice to bring the action indoors. The bathhouse will be on the left side. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 2 I've sucked cock here dozens of times, including multiple guys at once. Love it. Most guys are just waiting to talk and make plans to go somewhere safe.

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Too many people around who are actually enjoying the park area. Nobody comes.

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I wasted a lot of time. Don't go here. I recommend staying at home, ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut, and try seducing the pizza dude when he arrives. Cops aren't that bad, they drive around. Just watch out for them and Glory hole madison wi do anything stupid.

I saw three or four guys arrested in one afternoon! Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Everything from young hotties to old trolls. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 11 Been there multiple times when I visit the area and have had days when nothing happens and days when it is great. The last time I was there, I was sitting in my truck when a young guy wearing a Burger I was here on Friday and went in woods and had some great fun.

Look for pillows and shades. I'm a vendor. Black River Falls. The campground is on the east side of the road and is easily recognizable. Quiet but freedom to wear nothing. Gay and str8 to do anything in public or private. Gay weekend events or str8, check online. Near Eau Claire, Black River First All Male Weekend is May Theme is Gay Olympics. How well do you think you would do at giving a underwater blowjob? Or maybe try out our version of drag races. Where else can you go and find a bunch of men running around naked?

They host all-male weekends. The next one coming up is Aug 23rdth You are free to have sex any place on the grounds. They have full hookup sites or prim I attended two all male weekends and had a great time. No attitude, lots of nice guys, open sex if you want it, back room for more play. Never a dull mome Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 2 The back walls in the bathroom stalls are shiny and reflective and act like a mirror so you can see what the person in the next stall is doing. Just met a stud yesterday who was looking back at me. Look for for 'Outdoor Classroom. Seen some action here. They are so nasty! I took a nice load within two minutes of arriving. Follow the Hwy. The rest stop is about six miles further.

From the other direction, it is about 9 miles west of Weyerhauser on Hwy. Some horny farm boys now and then. Lots of gloryholes and farm guys. Can be hot at times. Hopefully, they put in some gloryholes! Camp Douglas. You Glory hole madison wi see the parking lot from the windows so it is very safe. I was cruising here once waiting in the bathroom when a guy pulled up with his Glory hole madison wi and little girl. They went i I travel between New Lisbon and Tomah every weekday for work and have never been disappointed by the guys who stop here.

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Good setup and will stop again. Very safe since you can see the lot from the bathroom. Once I sucked a married guy while his kids and wife used the womens room! Interested in outdoor fun. Park your car about a block away. Watch for cops, although they don't come by too often.

It's pretty busy most of the time. It will be torn down in the late Fall or early Winter. This is a small wayside across a river from a campground. Meeting is not impossible. That place is something else. I never had a problem getting a blowjob and I love those country men. The bathroom is gross. Trails are where it's at! I've had a few hookups here. Before 8 am, noon, and around 6 pm is when I've seen guys. Cocksucker here. Hit or miss like i said, some younger guys in for summer vacation. Eagle River. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 24 Been stopping after work all the time just as it gets dark and no one's ever around.

I know it's getting cold but still! Guess I'll keep trying! You have a good view of the entry road, the parking lot, and the woods near the boat launch from the bathroom windows. This gives you time to evaluate a prospect. Also, the They just watch unless you start a conversation with them first, then they still seem shy even though they It is occasionally patrolled but you have a Glory hole madison wi view of the road from the bathroom. This gives enough time before they can catch you in the act.

East Troy. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 24 I was here Glory hole madison wi the 23rd around at the northbound one, not many people around. I hung out in the stall jacking, hoping someone would come in. Nobody did though. I'm straight but Glory hole madison wi really wanted to try and see what would happen. To start the night I was willing to get my dick sucked and then fuck whoever sho They were not wearing shirts.

I got out of my car and walked over to them. When I looked in, the Posted Dec 10 During winter you have to be more aggressive to get what you want. I park and tap my brakes a few times to see if a trucker parked in the back responds. If not, I'll get out of my car and walk ove Eau Claire. Guys are usually looking around Noon and then after work and around dinner.

Glory hole madison wi

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I spent a night watching porn in a room full of strangers