Grown ups dating

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As she entered into her 40s, Bobbi was more than happy to be successful in her career as an adult educator. Her tasks ranged from training members of Navy on how to use satellites to helping car dealerships sell their automobiles better. That is, until she met her now-husband and tied the knot for the first time at Bobbi and her husband Larry on their honeymoon. Photo courtesy of Bobbi Palmer. She admits the subject is also a lot more fun, though not Grown ups dating its challenges. Her clients are often reluctant to follow her advice.

Some even ask her to simply create an online dating profile for them ā€” selecting the best pictures and descriptions to entice suitors.

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By reflecting on her own experience, she developed what she calls the 3 Principles of Dating Like a Grownup. Keep reading to learn more about each one. Women might go all in with their heart and become blind to warning s and real information being given to them.

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On the other hand, they might go into a situation with their head and talk themselves out of potential romance before it even has a chance to begin. Women like this might not realize they are basing their mindset on the fear of being hurt or rejected. You want to go in with both : The heart being your feminine, vulnerable, and open side and the head stay, learn, and look for evidence to back up your feelings. Bobbi encourages women to not focus on their mistakes or how long they may have gone Grown ups dating a relationship. Being kind to the men that you meet means not going into each date with the same baggage you have from your negative experiences.

Bobbi and Larry celebrating their 12 year anniversary in Venice, Italy.

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Accepting that you had control of the decisions that led you to having problems in the past means you can now use that control to make better decisions in the future. Bobbi wants women to embrace their true selves. Chances are, you feel more comfortable letting your personality shine when with friends than when out with a man. One important first step Bobbi advises is giving yourself permission to brag about yourself, but not as a mother or employee or friend ā€” as a Woman capital W and all.

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Grown ups dating

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