Guilty after breakup

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Posted April 21, Reviewed by Kaja Perina. Relationships end for many reasons.

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Sometimes the reasons are mutually recognized, Guilty after breakup both people agree that ending it is the right choice. Even for these amicable and desired types of conclusions, people can still experience shame and regret at some point in the future. Relationships that end in divorceor when addiction and abuse was a factor, can also end with shame and regret. In abusive relationships, the abuser is often very manipulative, creating feelings of guilt in the person who ended the relationship.

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Those leaving addictive relationships may experience guilt in leaving a partner, particularly if the other person returns to alcohol or drugs as a way of coping. It is also natural for people to imagine the promise of the relationship. As a couple, you had hopes, dreamsideas, and goalsand now those are over in a way that is absolute and final. Even if you know in your heart and mind, the other person was not seeking those same goals, the breakup means there is no longer the possibility of positive change. A typical pattern of behavior for those that feel regret is to fall into the trap of believing the other person had the intent to change.

In this scenario, a rosy picture of the potential for the future emerges from the feelings of shame and regret. Individuals talk themselves into forgetting the bad or making excuses for the other person. This possibility for change opens the door to misleading promises or assumptions. The guilt over leaving the other person makes us feel uncomfortable with the situation, so we agree to attempt to start over.

Getting back together gives the other person the power in the new relationship. We have convinced ourselves that change is possible this time, even if it was not the last time. For some couples, even after divorce, this pattern can continue for years. It is not uncommon for people to focus on the idea of being in Guilty after breakup relationship and not the specific partner.

These people feel incomplete or unfulfilled when they are single. In breaking up the relationship, or being left by a partner, they feel the loss of the connection and have difficulty in dealing with the reality of living Guilty after breakup. These feelings of loss are often experienced as shame and regret in leaving or Guilty after breakup left.

This can create a glossing over of the challenges in the relationship as getting back together becomes a focus for feeling whole again. Individuals that focus on the relationship may also experience shame in acknowledging they are single. This is true even if the partner had a history of addiction or abuse. Getting back together eliminates the feelings of shame and regret while also providing that needed connection.

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There are several ways to avoid shame and regret when leaving an unhealthy relationship. Staying in touch with friends and family and talking through the feelings with trusted people in your life, including therapists and counselors, is an important step. Taking care of yourself, choosing to stay active and involved in life, and looking Guilty after breakup the future rather than dwelling on the past are vital steps in moving forward to find a healthy relationship. Exploring Your Mind. Kristen Full, M. Overcoming the Aftermath of Leaving a Toxic Relationship.

Strong, R. Was Your Breakup A Mistake?

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References Exploring Your Mind. About the Author.

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Guilty after breakup

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