Hedgehog with toilet paper tube

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Sep 25, I've known for a long time about giving toilet paper tubes to hedgies. I also know about cutting a slit all the way down so that they won't get stuck. To me it just looks like they want to tunnel through and then people think that it's cute to see a tube on their head and think that the hedgehog is playing.

To me, it just looks like they want to get to the other side! Am I taking crazy pills or has anyone else ever wondered the same thing? ed Aug 18, I'm also of the opinion that the TP tube thing is not a good idea for hedgies. It just looks so cruel to me ed Nov 30, I have two hedgehogs Pseudonym and Anubis that particularly enjoy toilet paper rolls. Given a whole playpen of other toys and items to crawl into toy cars, hedgie bags, PVC pipe, various other hideaways they go right for the toilet paper tube. I only use them in playpens, not in the cages themselves - none of ours pay them any attention if they've been cut down the side, so they just get them when they're under supervision.

Nym and Anubis would pretty much entertain themselves for hours at a time with just a TP tube, if I let them. They stick their head in, squirm around with it on, use their feet to pop it off, and stick their head right back in. Over and over and over. If they weren't enjoying it, they wouldn't keep doing it. ed Sep 6, I think they're smart enough to avoid what they don't like. The Hedgehog with toilet paper tube time I gave Petunia an uncut TP tube to play with, she got her head stuck and was clearly trying to get it off.

Since then, she won't bother with them. ed Aug 29, I cut mine down the middle and mine likes to squeeze his body into it like he's crawling through a tunnel. I'm going to get him some PVC as Hedgehog with toilet paper tube as I get paid again.

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I think they are very smart. I think it would be different if we were shoving their he in there but they do it themselve. They aren't dumb creatures at all. ed Feb 17, Most of our hedgehogs love TP tubes, some don't really go for them as much as others but they never seem upset about it. You can cut a slit for them to get out of it easier.

If we cut Bentley's though he will give us a look like "what is this! He is a strange little guy If you are Hedgehog with toilet paper tube all concerned about it just make sure they are supervised when using them and check your hogs every day for sores or rubbing on the bottom of the chin or around the face.

Most hedgehogs are completely fine with them. ed Aug 22, You have to remember that what "looks" to be cruel to us humans, is sheer joy and pleasure to hedgehogs!

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They simply love the things. It may look like they're stuck, but take the tube off and they'll Hedgehog with toilet paper tube their he straight back in again. When they're done, they simply back out of the tube and I've known several who will stand them up outside their nestbox.

We even had one who ate through her tube - she'd scoop up the food and tip it back to her mouth. You can cut them lengthwise or split them along the spiral if you are concerned, but serious tubing hedgehogs like them 'au natural'. ed Jul 24, Thistle won't have anything to do with the tubes :? She kinda looked into one a few times without putting her head in, and since hasn't even looked twice at them. It probably really depends on the hedgie.

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I wish she would enjoy playing with something, both for her own personal enjoyment and mine! But she shows no interest in any kind of toy or tube besides her wheel. ed Apr 24, Quinn use to love her tp tube! She use to Hedgehog with toilet paper tube as a hat all the time.

If I took it off she would jsut put it back on and walk around wearing it. Now she doesn't pay much attention to it. I think they can decide for themselves if they enjoy them or not. Just like Quinn did. ed Jul 25, They don't show any s of distress and will do it again and again and again. From what I can tell, most hedgies much prefer unslit tubes. You just have to offer them when they can be monitored, in case they do get stuck.

My girl never went for the tubes at all, or any other toy. She loves her wheel and her PVC tunnels. I finally bought Milo a playpen to come out and play in. I keep a toilet paper roll in his cage but it's cut down the center.

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I put a whole one in his pen to play with last night and off he went sticking his head in and pulling it out and walking around with it on his head. He had a good ole time. I think insinuating that they are too dumb to not to something they don't like is not giving your hegie the benefit of the doubt.

I think they are very smart creatures and if they weren't happy with getting their he stuck then they wouldn't do it.

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ed Sep 28, I know this response is kind of late, but my Auri loves her toilet paper tube. I feel Hedgehog with toilet paper tube when she gets her head stuck and runs around the cage with her head in it If I cut a slit in it, she rips it the rest of the way open and flattens it before dragging it into her igloo to lay on. Oddly, the TP tube is the only thing she would make her nest out of when she had her hoglets. ed Nov 15, Ive wondered this over the years too. I dont think its mean because its not something they could be injured with if done right but I have wondered if theyre actually playing or thinking theyre finding a tunnel to an awesome burrow.

Mine do serm to like them but observing over the years I do tend to think they are enjoying it cause they think its gonna lead some place awesome and dark. ed Sep 7, My first hedgie did not show any interest in Hedgehog with toilet paper tube, but Daisy who I have had for about 2 months now loves her tube so much that she brings it to bed with her! It they is her best friend! I wish I could find some tiny stuffed animal for her to sleep with instead!

ed Dec 13, Prickles will not sleep without at least 3 TP tubes in his house. And if I slit them- he doesn't want anything to do with them. He's a goober. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion.

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Are toilet paper tubes actually being nice to the hedgie?