Hook up thermostat to fan

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Search forums. Log in. Connecting a Thermostat to fan for room ventilation. IRanNaked Active Member. OK, so i have this closet set up in a location and now im trying to set up a thermostat to run a fan for cooling. I'm not an electrician but i do have a basic knowledge on building and constructing along with some electrical knowledge.

If it's also possible would like to connect it to a mini heater. IRanNaked said:. I think Al B Fuct posted a way of doing Hook up thermostat to fan kinda. Reversing Thermostat Logic, I think he called it, seems like he used a 'step down transformer' by wiring thru something. Thought I'd bookmarked a site I found addressing this specific issue with complete schematics and instructions but can't find it now.

I think it was here! I'll keep looking for it. Keep in mind I am NOT an electrician but am pretty handy. It spoke of using a thermostat powered with a 9 or 12 volt transformer to trip a volt AC relay. The relay in turn would power the fan or heater or another major appliance you wanted to run. Basically you have a low voltage transformer cell phone Hook up thermostat to fan or whatever run the thermostat and send the al to an appropriate relay. This relay in turns "trips" when it receives the low voltage al from the thermostat and allows the volt load that is connected to it to proceed to the appliance.

The trick here is using a relay that is normally open or closed depending on what you want to run. With a thermostat, it is normally open circuit prevents current flow and which allows current to flow when it is perturbed. A normal thermostat is made for a 9 to 12 volt load. The thing would arc and spark on you so don't try it.

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Awesome place! They have friggin' everything. Be sure to check out the electronics and hardware. Hope this helps a bit. Found it. It's a post by Al B. Fuct andis located here. Follow the below link.

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I will read and learn! Hook up thermostat to fan cannot express how much you guy's saved me from having to buy anything else. I have this closet set up and am going to start a thread for de, and comments. Your welcome. I'll be watching for it as I am a newbie and will be starting one myself soon. Ok, so i looked on amazon. But the thermostat which i mounted over the window in the room pics comming soon, i promise is what i want to connect to a osculating fan on the floor. Can't wait on this, i have Sour Diesel and Some Skunk seed' germination as i type.

Hopefully by 4 days i can place them in the veg. Keep this kinda shit up and I may have to permalink this thread. VictorVIcious said:. I see now the lights lift off the top of a box you have lined with reflective insulation. Pot uses a similar set up to flower his plants. Instead of the lights you have have he uses hid bulbs mounted in a round Pyrex bread baker with ventiltaion running thru. Do the sides open also?? Rick James Active Member. Hey they do make volt thermostats. I haven't bought anything for growing yet but i have a list of stuff i am planning on. Plus its already put together, nothing to build.

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Hook up thermostat to fan

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Connecting a Thermostat to fan for room ventilation.