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Simplify your software search in just 15 minutes. Call us today for a fast, free consultation. For free software advice, call us now! Showing 1 - 20 of products. RingCentral MVP. RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business phone solution that offers business communication tools for video, voice, fax and text. Core features of the solution include conferencing, auto-recording and unlimited long-distance an .

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Recent recommendations: 23 recommendations. GoToConnect formerly Jive delivers a cloud-based unified communication solution to organizations of all sizes across the U. GoToConnect includes integrated products for business VoIP, video conferencing and contact center whic Recent recommendations: 22 recommendations. Ooma Office. Ooma Office is a cloud-based VoIP solution that caters to small-medium sized businesses across various industry verticals that helps them to manage their business operations. For businesses of all sizes, Ooma provides advanced voi Recent recommendations: Hosted pbx usa recommendations.

Nextiva is a platform that brings communications together with business applications, intelligence, and automation. This helps businesses communicate and build deeper connections with their Hosted pbx usa. The platform brings all Recent recommendations: 16 recommendations. Business Plus. Business Plus is a cloud-based VoiP solution created by PanTerra, which allows users to take or make calls from their office phonecommunicate with their team, and have file access, all from any device with an internet con Recent recommendations: 13 recommendations.

Virtual Office is a collection of comprehensive web-based business VoIP solutions from offered by 8x8. Enterprise grade phone service, virtual meetings, mobile applications, virtual contact centers and more are available to help c Recent recommendations: 12 recommendations.

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The net2phone solution feat Recent recommendations: 11 recommendations. Vonage Business Communications. Vonage Business Solutions is a cloud-based communications solution suitable for small and midsize companies. The solution offers a business phone system that enables businesses to connect their VoIP phone system to internet-enable Recent recommendations: 8 recommendations.

BroadVoice b-Hive helps call and collaborate from anywhere with a single cloud communication solution that unifies Hosted pbx usa phones, video conferencing, texting and collaboration under a single phone. Untether your team fro Recent recommendations: 7 recommendations. For quickly growing businesses looking to efficiently scale their support teams, Dialpad provides a cloud-based call center with access to real-time customer insights.

Dialpad allows users to onboard quickly and focus on deliverin Recent recommendations: 5 recommendations. Comm-unity by NetFortris is a cloud-based communication and collaboration business phone Hosted pbx usa that caters to all business sizes. Comm-unity scales easily as your business grows, always works when you need it and gives your team Recent recommendations: 4 recommendations. Twilio's Voice API is a fully programmable VoIP system that helps companies make, manage and route calls to a browser, app, phone and more.

Recent recommendations: 1 recommendations. CallTrackingMetrics is a cloud-based call tracking and contact center solution for businesses and agencies that helps with tracking campaigns, reaching new audiences through integrated text marketing and online forms and using int Deed as a hybrid call center solution, SpitFire Enterprise utilizes powerful dialing tools to assist call centers in the telemarketing, financial services, healthcare, and education industries launch blended inbound Hosted pbx usa outbou Google Meet. Google Meet is a video conferencing app. It is the business-oriented version of Google's Hangouts platform and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

The solution enables users to make video calls with up to 30 users per high-de GoToMeeting is a video conferencing and collaboration software that can launch meetings from various locations such asMicrosoft Office, and instant-messaging tools. The solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes and Zoom Meetings. Zoom Meetings is a cloud-based video conferencing software solution that allows organizations in the educational, financial, health care, and government sectors to conduct virtual meetings and collaborate in real-time using integr TeamViewer is an online meeting and video conferencing solution that connects any PC, mobile and server to each other globally.

The solution is available in nearly all countries and supports over 30 languages. TeamViewer is suitab Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based group chat solution that helps teams collaborate on documents. Its key features include messaging, conferencing and file sharing. Microsoft Teams has replaced Skype for Business as Microsoft's onli Webex is a video conferencing software deed for all types of business. It is equipped with layouts that can be customized and allows for active participation in the meetings.

Users can organize or conferences via cell p Google Meet vs GoToMeeting. Zoom Meetings vs Hosted pbx usa.

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Microsoft Teams vs Webex. ConnectWise Control vs. Same vs OnBoard. It is the central component that integrates all internal phone extensions with all external phone lines, and allows calls to be set up and transferred between them. Originally, PBXs were big, physical machines. First, they were switchboards with human operators; later, the switchboards became automated. But since the late s, they have been available in a new form: as virtual or hosted machines. Theirs was a much more limited service: it could only forward incoming calls.

In the early s, as VoIP networks expanded and their connectivity to landlines improved, most of the virtual PBX call-forwarding companies added outbound calling to their plans. These new plans took on a new description: hosted PBX services. Then, when cloud became the buzzword for describing hosted services, this Hosted pbx usa, too, ed the mix. Hosted pbx usa, we see the three terms "virtual," "hosted" and "cloud" used interchangeably. Buyers should not assume that the terms imply any specific set of features. All services need to be compared in detail to understand what they offer.

Choosing a new phone system is one of the most daunting tasks a business can face. There are many technologies on the market that are competing with, overlapping and blurring the distinctions between one another. So how do on-site PBXs compare to those hosted in the cloud? Apart from the specific factors mentioned above, there is one other consideration that can help companies decide between a hosted and an on-site phone system.

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While difficult to quantify, this concept is one of the most influential in modern business strategy. The strategy of core competencies states that businesses should focus on what they do well and what they do better than their competitors—and keep their focus there. If Hosted pbx usa element of their operations that is not directly related to these core competencies can be outsourced, it often makes more sense commercially to do so. Many businesses switch to hosted phone systems for the simple reason that phone systems are not one of their core competencies.

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Placing management of the phone system in the hands of companies who do specialize in it shifts that burden there—and frees the other companies to focus on what they do best. If telephone communication is central to what a business does for example, a call centerit may be preferable to keep the phone system as close to the office as possible.

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But for the majority of companies—those that consider phone service important, but perhaps not central to their business model—hosting the system off-site is more often preferable. Get Advice. More Business Phone Systems. Sort by:. RingCentral MVP RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business phone solution that offers business communication tools for video, voice, fax and text.

Hosted pbx usa

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