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Irish men are some of the hottest looking men in the world. Everybody on this list is of Irish descent Hot ireland guys, and they are all very attractive. They've got the boyish charm, those wistful eyes, and the heavy appeal we're all looking for in a man.

So whether it's St. Patrick's Day, or any time of year, it's time to honor these attractive Irish actors and famous men for their great Irish assets. Here are the 25 hottest Irish guys who give you a reason to splurge on a green beer. These Irish hunks, sexy Irish men, and cute Irish boys are arguably the stuff of dreams. Drink in or eat up?

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All these attractive Irish guys and cute Irish men are ranked by level of attractiveness and "how Irish they are. Let's just put it out there for Ryan Reynolds. Did you see The Proposal? He must have worked out a lot to get those great glutes. Which probably had something to do with him being named People's "Sexiest Man Alive" in Bulked up for your viewing pleasure. More Ryan Reynolds.

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Congratulations, Marvel Cinematic Universe, for great casting. The movie was released in 3-D — that's right, reach out and touch those perfect abs. Evans is of Italian and Irish descent and was raised Catholic. He planned on attending New York University after Hot ireland guys high school but met an agent during a summer acting program and instead started working small parts on television series.

Evans will only need a touch up here and there to transform into a perfect human in Captain America. But nobody should lay a hand on those puppy-dog eyes. More Chris Evans. Robert Downey Jr. His father, Robert Downey Sr. He got his big break on SNL in but was fired due to cast overhaul just a year later. He started abusing drugs from to and was arrested several times during the troublesome period.

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In an interview with Sunday World magazine, Downey admitted to having "Irish blood coursing through my veins. Every time I work in the UK, I'm always planning on a long weekend over there but it never works out. More Robert Downey Jr. Hilarious Robert Downey Jr. He graduated from Georgetown University with a B. InCooper also stated in an interview with Parade magazine that he "grew up in a very old-fashioned Hot ireland guys Catholic, Italian-Irish family in Philly.

More Bradley Cooper. Ryan Reynolds. Chris Evans. Bradley Cooper. Irish People People.

Hot ireland guys

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