How to get rid of a bunny boiler

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Yes, this is personal.

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What is a Bunny Boiler? I realize men stalk women too, and often with violent outcomes. But this blog is not about that. The Bunny Boiler, for my purposes, is a woman who refuses to acknowledge that a relationship is over, even when told. This is far more threatening, pathological and insidious. Often illegal. She throws acid onto his car, calls him on the phone obsessively and hangs up, stalks him at his office. At the time that the phrase first came into general use it referred to someone unable to remain rational at the end of a romantic relationship. At the beginning of the film, he is attempting to break off his affair with his 2-year mistress, Dolores Paley.

How to get rid of a bunny boiler seems quite high-strung, and sure enough, his worst fears are realized. She writes a letter to his wife, which he intercepts and burns. She calls their house and hangs up. She threatens to speak to his wife and to blab about his financial indiscretions to his partners, colleagues and friends. Anything to try and keep him in the game. He tries to reason with her. He even tries to pay her off, but to no avail. She is resolute in her determination to blab the affair to his wife and his financial indiscretions to others. Judah is in a total panic. In the end, with the help of his mob-connected brother, he has his mistress killed before she can really hurt him, and then struggles with the morality of his decision throughout the rest of the movie.

They are quite real. If anyone follows the news, Jody Arias comes to mind — this woman stalked, threatened, and eventually killed her ex-boyfriend. She shot Travis Alexander in the face, stabbed him 29 times and slit his throat from ear to ear. And says that it was in self-defense!!

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This came only after years of stalking him, harassing him, slashing his tires, etc. Women can be every bit as violent as men. Or how about Lisa Nowak, former astronaut? Remember her? She stalked, harassed and pursued her ex-married lover and then finally drove halfway across the country to assault his wife in the parking lot of Orlando International Airport! She is one of the poster children of the Bunny Boiler club! A Bunny Boiler is an obsessive and dangerous female, in pursuit of a lover who has spurned her. She stalks. She harasses. She is cruel.

Irretrievably self-centered.

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Dangerously vengeful. She threatens you or maybe herself. She destroys property. Anything to get your attention. She attempts to use carrot and stick to get the lost lover back, no matter the cost. She will either get you back into her web of love and lies, or she will destroy you and your life. There is no middle ground. She shows no grace or dignity when you leave her. She is childish and self-centered. You will be hers, or nobody will have you. In some cases, the result is actually physical violence.

In most cases, you have to become like a distance runner, and endure her attempts to undo your life and your happiness over a long period of time. Maybe you have get a Restraining Order like I did. Maybe you have arm yourself to protect your home as I did. And moves on. As you have. And even negative attention will encourage her.

So you must endure it with silence, and perhaps legal protection. Why do some women become Bunny Boilers? Well, How to get rid of a bunny boiler depends on to what degree I suppose you believe they are mentally ill. These inner experiences often result in impulsive actions and chaotic relationships with other people.

People with BPD often engage in idealization and devaluation of themselves and of others, alternating between high positive regard and heavy disappointment or dislike. They are mentally abusive and controlling in relationships. They are the consummate self-interested and controlling partner. When the sociopath negatively affects another person, she feels no guilt or remorse for what she has done.

Sociopaths express no care or concern for others. This is due in part to a tremendous sense of entitlement. A sense of narcissistic grandiosity exists within the sociopath, however she gains no insight when this is pointed out. I would also examine the possibility that idolizing the lost lover may be a twisted form of self-protection.

After all, the love of her life shafted her in her mind, anyway. This idolization may provide another form of unconscious protection. All these feelings will need to be felt as part of the process of letting go and moving on. As with Dan Gallagher, the true Bunny-Boiling Sociopath is difficult to recognize when you meet them. They are often blessed with incredible charm and allure.

They mix lies and truth constantly, and convincingly. You have to be very astute to pick up on the little clues they drop along the way that they may be not who they say they are:. I could go on and on. All of these are red flags. I endured the Bunny Boiler.

I got calls to our house. She tried to call my wife many times even after my wife told her to never again. She sent s by her to my friends and extended family full of lies, all deed to hurt me and undo my marital reconciliation. There were veiled threats of physical violence. Threats against my job. An absurd obsession with my wife, played out on her Facebookas if my wife was the only thing standing in between me and her. More phone call attempts at work. Text messages alternating between expressions of continued, undying love for me, and ridicule and invectives.

Gifts How to get rid of a bunny boiler to my office. Threatening, bizarre phone messages. It was bad enough that I had to endure what I endured with my wife due to my own poor decisions, but I have to deal with this maniac too. Last week, she text message my phone with a strange message.

Ah yes. You need patience to endure her attempts without comment, and carefully collect information and a timeline should you need to go the legal route. I feel bad for you, and your wife and family.

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Especially if you have children in the home still. That would not only scare me, but that…. Messing with me would be one thing, and messing with a spouse I chose to stay with would be bad, but involving my kids in any way…. I am glad that you have gone to such great lengths How to get rid of a bunny boiler protect yourself and those you love. I am sorry that you have had to, but glad you are taking precautions. Obviously I do not know your wife, but I think it takes a special person to go through this by your side. Please do not think that is a judgement in ANY way.

But that is a lot of stress and fear and crap to go through for both of you and some women may not have stuck around to deal with that. I envy that quality in her, and in your relationship, to be honest with you.

You are a human being, who made a mistake. Maybe the greatest being that you probably DID love the OW at one time or in your own way, and then had this nightmare happen. No one deserves that. It must be an odd thing to work through. Even though I am in my own situation, in my own life, I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a lot of insight that comes from experience, and that is very valuable to many. I feel like the honesty you share with your readers is a gift, really.

How to get rid of a bunny boiler

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