How to talk to girls at the gym

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In this guide, you will discover the right moment and the right way to approach a girl in the gym without being awkward. You will also get the exact script on what you should say during the approaching. Which one to pick depends on what your goal is and how confident you are. If you have the opportunity, try to sit next to her in the class or work out near her. Then, after the class or when she is resting between sets, you can compliment her. If she accepts your compliment or as long as she does not back off, then you can continue to speak to her.

Introduction Example: You: The class was kinda tiring today, but I see you did really well right there. How to talk to girls at the gym Hi. Thank you. Yeah, it was tiring, but I enjoyed it. You: Oh yeah, by the way, my name is John. You: Melissa. Well, nice to meet you. I got to go, see you around next time. Above is the standard conversation model. If the girl is friendly and more talkative than you have expected, then you can try to exchange a few more words with her. For example, you can ask her how long she has been working out or attending the class.

Does she work out for a specific purpose or goal? How frequently does she work out? You can ask for help if you are new to the gym. For example, if you are not familiar with the machine, you can ask for her help. Alternatively, you can ask for a recommendation. Do you follow any specific routine?

Can you recommend it to me? If you say it this way, you indirectly praise her, and she will be more than happy to show you how. You can also ask for a How to talk to girls at the gym for how to do proper stretching. Most girls know how to do Yoga, and they often do stretching after the session. So, most of them know stretching well. Ask her if you can her and have her teach you the proper way of stretching. Most girls will not reject you because you just give her a chance to show how good she is. Conversation example: You: Wow, how did you train your abs?

She: Uhm. I usually do this… explain the routine You: Ok, so how many sets do you do per day. She: Just 4 sets per day. You: Awesome. I will be sure to practice it every day. Oh yeah, by the way, my name is John. I forgot to get your name. She: Melissa. I guess we better continue our routine. Thanks for the recommendation. She: No problem. Above is the standard conversation. Again, if she looks pretty nice and friendly, you can continue to talk to her a while more.

If you are confident enough in your social skills, you can choose to walk straight up to her and talk to her. I have seen you a few times in the cardio class. Do you workout frequently? She: Not really. Just twice a week. You: Me too. I do it times a week. Well, it is great to know you, Melissa. I got to go, so maybe see you again in the next class. She: Sure. See ya. Again, above is the standard conversation.

If she gives you a lot of positive feedback that she wants to know you too, then you can try to ask her out on the spot. The indirect method will require more effort and time to pull the trick. To use this indirect method, you need to first get close to her.

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You can either the same class and sit nearby to her or workout nearby her. When you are getting near her, she will probably look at you for a split second. She will most probably say hi back or just nod her head. Do not need to force a conversation if the timing is not correct.

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The goal of saying hi for the first time is to open up the chance for you to strike a conversation next time when the timing is right. You should continue to say hi to her every week. At the same time, you should also say hi to others in the gym and make friends with everyone, including your classmates, the gym personnel, and the trainer.

Knowing more people can help you to raise your confidence level too. And, a guy with a broader social circle is often more attractive to a girl. So, try your best to make friends with everyone as it will help you in your positioning. Then, after you manage to have a short conversation with her a few times, you can start to introduce yourself. At this phase, she probably will not feel awkward to give you How to talk to girls at the gym name as she has already seen you around for quite some time, and you are being very friendly to everyone.

You can start asking her things like: 1 What is your goal for working out? When both of you become friends, it will be easier for How to talk to girls at the gym to ask her out. After the workout, just suggest grabbing something together. Do you want to me? We can grab some good food there. This is a better approach for you if you are a shy person and want to take it slow. If she seems to enjoy the conversation with you or is kind of friendly, you can ask her out for a drink. Maybe we can grab a drink together sometime if you are comfortable. What do you think? At the same time, you should be taking out your phone to get her phone.

See you around. You can compliment her on her effort and body posture. It will break her flow and annoys her. You can catch that moment to say hi to her. If she is resting, you can take the opportunity to exchange a few words with her, then go back to your routine. You can take the chance to talk to her. You can also tell her that you want to use the equipment that she has just finished using. Then, you can her in the short stretching session.

You should aim to become her friend first because that would be more realistic than dating her out right away. Welcome to my guide on how to talk to a girl at the gym. Table of Contents.

How to talk to girls at the gym

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4 Best Ways: How To Talk To A Girl At The Gym