How to tell if a female coworker likes you quiz

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Please leave empty:. We rarely talk. We talk every day. We talk on weekdays. We never talk. She actually avoids talking to me.

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She only talks to me if she has to. Most of the time I start the conversation, but she sometimes does. Yes, often. A few months.

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A couple of weeks. A year or more. We just met. Almost nothing.

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A couple of things. A ton! We've never touched. High-fiving, poking, etc. Kissing or further.

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Every week. About once a month. Frequently, but not every day. Every day. Yes, all the time. Does she ever flirt with you? Like, make fun of you in a good-natured way, wink at or compliment you?

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All the time. Well, there was this one time I think she was just being nice. They say we're just friends. They say she likes me. They say she doesn't know me. They say she's unsure how she feels about me. No, but we've hung out one-on-one before.

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Yes, but it did not go well Yes, and it went well. In a relationship. Not looking for a boyfriend. She's easily distracted, but happy to be talking to me. She's barely listening. She's happy and paying attention to what I have to say. We don't talk.

Comments Change color. Girl xd Yoooo I got profile A Ready for your result? It's like, oh my gosh! It's destiny! She SO loves you! If you like her, too, then you should totally ask her out! Sunblaze Hi imma girl, im just taking this quiz to pretend that i am my crush. Honestly, this quiz isnt accurate enough, from what i have seen in the. This is Indeed a Girl Hello to all the males taking this test or females, I'm not here to judge. I took this quiz to see how accurate it is. I filled it out with how I'm honestly trying to come off to the guy, and yes, the result was right.

If the guy ever took this test, and he put the same answers as me aka he is paying attenion to the hints I drop then he'd get the same answer. So yeah, basically I'm just here to say that as a fellow girl, in my case at least, this was accurate. Ready for your result? Nice What How to tell if a female coworker likes you quiz chad. Oopsee Daisy Oh and for clarification, I got Profile A. Ok so me and this girl have been talking for a couple months everyday and we play games together, sometimes until the wee-hours on school nights.

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We have a bunch of things in common. We even have close birthdays a day apart We talk our problems out to each other. We also say good morning and goodnight to each other. She even showed me pics of her before I showed her mine. We flirt a lot. I have a clear shot so if I man up I could ask her or wait for a miracle to happen so she could ask me.

PlatinumBandit27 I don't like her, I'm just here to see if she likes me… and she does. Joe Yay we are going out this Sunday. Idk Danny DeVito This quiz is right, I'm totally in the friend zone. My names Jeff I dont know if she wants me or not. Not telling Yes I still have a chance with her! Danny That made no sense. Delete this comment Cancel.

How to tell if a female coworker likes you quiz

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Is your co-worker interested in you? Take this quiz to find out