I need a date for an event

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Whether organizing a small meeting or orchestrating a large conference, event planning is a huge task! Every event, no matter how simple or complex, requires detailed planning and organization. From establishing an accurate budget to promoting your event, there are a of components you should start to consider early on to make the process as stress-free as possible. Want some more support? See the full checklist. Before jumping right into the logistics like venue or speakers, you should spend time identifying the purpose and reason for planning this event.

You should answer this question:. This is the why that spurred you to plan an event in the first place. Are you looking to:. Drive new sales? Support a product launch? Increase brand awareness? Or maybe, you have a combination of multiple goals?

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Determine what you are looking to accomplish and how this event will help you do that. In planning any event, you should identify a set of objectives that will support your ultimate goal. Here are a few examples of event objectives:. With your goals and objectives in place, you can create a preliminary scope of the event.

Your scope should offer key details and point to how you will achieve your outlined goals. While not set in stone, you should lay out preliminary event details including:. Building out your goals and preliminary project scope enables you to frame your event and get buy-in from leadership.

If your organization is already on board with the event, your goals and scope help move you along into the next stages of planning. Creating a budget is an essential I need a date for an event step in event planning that helps to clarify other aspects of your plan. Additionally, establishing a budget helps to avoid unwanted surprises like running out of money for decor, etc. You will be more successful if you map out your entire budget in advance, continue to update as you finalize variables, and stay very close to the process.

Based on your high-level budget and initial scope of needs. You should begin to map out your line item costs to gain an understanding of how your budget will be dispersed across your needs. Line items will undoubtedly change, just remember to keep an accurate budget that reflects any changes or updates you make, too. For small events, you may personally be handling many or all of the tasks discussed in this section. However, for large events, it takes an I need a date for an event team to execute the production. All members of the team should report into a project manager who has visibility across all of the moving pieces.

Oversees all of the moving pieces described below, this person is ultimately responsible for the execution of the event. Manages the budget. Drives strategy. Makes top-level purchasing decisions. This person le agenda development, work with speakers, and makes sure the schedule is up-to-date and communicated to the right parties.

Your scheduling guy coordinates meetings at the event, and he lives to make attendees into successful networkers. Creative deers put together all visual de for printed and web materials like schedules, collateral, registration and age, and anything needed for the mobile event app.

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To break it down: they make you look good. You may want to work with an event de agency. This person or team makes the right people aware of the event, create offers and timing strategy to boost registration, oversee branding, communicate with registrants, coordinate social media amplification and media relations, and send and measure follow-up materials.

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This team makes sure a guest has everything he needs to get the most out of the event, from maps, schedules, speaker info, and how to network. They build out and update the mobile event app. These folks own registration setup, work with a software provider, produce and manage badges, generate reports, and make sure the registration process pre-event and during the event is running smoothly. This team member works to map out booth spaces, sell sponsorship opportunities, maintain relationships with sponsors, and explore community organization relationships.

They have killer timing and great people skills. A project plan is more than just a to-do list. You should be able to justify every action item by mapping it to your top-level event goals. Project management tools streamline event management and organization. Utilize these tools to keep all of the I need a date for an event pieces ed for. With the ability to as and monitor projects, a project manager can maintain an accurate view of progress and timelines with these tools:. Choosing your venue and date for your event are two major considerations that will shape the rest of your project plan.

Start researching venues as early as possible. The event marketplace is crowded, so finding a time when there will be venue availability is important.

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Look for budget, thematic fit, location is it central, easy for transportation? Are there restrooms conveniently located throughout the venue? Half of event planners negotiate a discount off of published rates, and of those who do, organizers most commonly negotiate free WiFi, AV, or parking, according to EventManager. When people think of your event, you want a strong personality to shine.

Additionally, a strong event brand provides a vision I need a date for an event helps to steer the direction of your event. Additionally, think about how your brand will come across online and in real life. Lastly, consider how you will weave your event brand into the individual elements of your event. With these branding elements solidified, you should use them across all platforms including, your event website, social media, s, tickets and registration, and your event app. Want more on branding?

Check out our Guide to Event Branding. Set your agenda as early as possible! Is there a keynote speaker? Will there be an extra day or evening planned just for your sponsors? As you answer these preliminary questions, you can begin to build a high-level view of your event program. You can make changes to the schedule after you have begun to market your event and registration begins to grow. Technology makes this easy to quickly make updates to the schedule on your website and mobile app.

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Your attendees will want to know what to expect, so it is best if you have the basic framework confirmed as early as possible. Additionally, the schedule is an important selling point for sponsors as well! In addition to the core event program, there are a of other program aspects to think about.

If your event is a full day or multiple day event, you should also think about planning:. Speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors are common ways to add value for your attendees and can offset costs. Here are two ways to add speakers:. If you have an engaged community, hosting an open call for session submissions is a great way to utilize your partners and customers as speakers.

Typically an open call will require individuals to submit a session abstract that outlines the session topic and value proposition. With this, your team will review submitted abstracts, select speakers, and communicate with those who have been selected and those who were not.

Reversely, if you have individuals in mind, you can invite them to speak at your event. In reaching out to a prospective speaker, provide a compelling snapshot of the event and audience, and also convey your enthusiasm for them participating in the event. Keep in mind, invited speakers often expect compensation as well as travel and lodging provided. Create a speaker agreement that includes necessary information like presentation expectations, content deadlines, available technology onsite, and compensation.

Be clear about your expectations upfront, so there are no surprises the day before the event! Continue communicating beyond sending initial confirmation communication and speaker agreement. Make sure to provide materials as you develop them. Requiring speakers to submit I need a date for an event final presentations, send a reminder to ensure each speaker gets it to you on I need a date for an event. Build a list of sponsors you want to participate in your event. Before reaching out to them, conduct research to understand how they would benefit from participating in your event.

Do they have mutual customers? Complimentary services? You should also ensure every potential sponsor brings value to your attendees. Take the time to create tailored proposals that highlight those unique benefits and be sure to emphasize them when reaching out.

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Additionally, before reaching out to potential sponsors, take the time to create sponsorship packages. Your packages should offer varying levels of cost and benefit. Another common way to bring in sponsors is with an exhibitor package. Each exhibitor sponsorship agreement comes with a specific amount of allotted space for your exhibitors to occupy, brand, and engage with your attendees. Schedule dedicated exhibitor time blocks to encourage attendees to walk around and engage. Technology is improving the event space for both organizers and event-goers. Certain technologies will need to be implemented far before the event, while others can hold off until closer to the big day s.

Managing attendee registration is more seamless than ever! Eventbrite and other online platforms make it possible to start selling tickets in minutes. Events are complex, but project management software helps to alleviate some of the stress.

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Trello can get you started on the right foot with a of event planning templates. Streamline your communications and enhance the attendee experience with an event app. A mobile app, like one you can create with Guidebookenables attendees to access schedules, build a custom agenda, interact with other attendees, and more. A mobile app is a valuable tool in fostering an engaging, informed environment — whether virtually or in-person. To see benefits from an event app, your app should be an integrated component of an event strategy.

Ensure every attendee has everything they need in the palm of their hands to have a stellar event experience.

I need a date for an event

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