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What white women mean to us, as Black men, based on what it is we mean, to ourselves, in proximity to whiteness. My crushes, in high school, were all white girls. I used to fantasize about asking them out, kissing them, fucking them. It was about the only way by which I judged my social value—by how many of them I was of interest to. I was learning about something between me and white girls at the same time I was learning American history, in some acultural Suburb outside of Houston, Texas.

The only thing that exists between cis-het Black men and white girls is a closer proximity to loss, for us, the more we walk the line into the confidence of white girls. I am talking about something to do with meaning. But no matter what we impress onto those bodies, they will be bodies of probable danger, as history predicts and has yet to be challenged. Mook went so far as to argue the appropriateness of the woman using the phrase, given some falsified qualification of her ethic makeup.

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Agitating this fantasy, no matter how disruptive to the lives of Black folk it may seem, is a line many cats are not willing to cross. In his book, White GirlsHilton Als describes, at length, the ways queerness, white womanhood and Black identity converge. The book is, partially, about the obsession we have with white womanhood—the performance of white womanhood. Als creates an argument centered around white womanhood as something to achieve, especially by Black queer men, in his experience—but certainly by any one of us.

As Als explained, in a interview with FADERthe question of white womanhood is more to do with marginalization, visibility and the space shared between these two antithetical ideas. A woman who is marginal but still has some visibility. What I wanna pound a fat ugly desperate girl we inverted black maleness? Would we see white femaleness, or would we see something else? For cis-het Black men, we must remember, the search for place is often the search, again, to become white men. To sit at that seat of power and privilege.

We must never forget that for white women, the search is often the same. To be unshackled from the, as Als would argue, limitations of marginalization and yet retain all else that comes with white flesh. Personhood, for both parties being nothing more than patriarchy in a new mask. Look no further than the relationship between Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, as evidence of such observation. Baby girl kept it 10 toes down and ate that prison sentence by herself, like the true baddie she is.

Snoop sees in Stewart, as many Black men see in many white women, his own face.

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Snoop is a white woman, in so far as white women want to be white men. As Black men can be, as many are, white women. But, white women are not, nor can be Black men because Blackness is inconsequential to whiteness, never the opposite. Let us never forget that Carolyn Bryant lied, inaboutEmmett Till, whistling at her. Enough of an offense that white men kidnapped this boy and proceeded to torture, murder and disfigure him.

Let us never forget the evidence of what actually exists between white women and Black men the next time we wish to play Superman to their Lois Lane, or find our soul in their smile. No matter what we believe about white women, and the mirror by which we would have them hold up to us, the fact remains that they can kill us with as much efficiency and impunity as the white men we wish to become.

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Maybe Black men protect white women because we see ourselves in them by Contributors.

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I wanna pound a fat ugly desperate girl

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