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Each lesson will be based on a theme where we will focus on specific vocabs and phrases related to it. I will also encourage you to speak in Korean during our lessons because the more you speak it, the better you will get! My goal is to help you learn the language in a fun, engaging way so that you truly enjoy learning it and make it a sustainable routine :. My name is Minyoung and I look forward to helping my students reach their goals in learning the Korean language, whether it be just for fun, personal or professional reasons.

Learning a new language can be daunting, but kudos to you for taking action! You are one step closer to reaching your. Korean tutor los angeles have taught English to Koreans back in Seoul for more than 8 years, so I know exactly how different these two languages are. Based on this understanding of how I need to approach non-Korean speaker especially whose mother tongue is English, I am confident that I can let you start studying Korean the easiest way and make the class fun with lots of introduction of Korean cultures and history.

From this long experience, I learned how different and opposite these 2 languages Korean tutor los angeles, so I can teach my student how to learn this beautiful Korean language the most efficient way and fun. This course is for all ages and levels and also is family friendly. So us and have a surprisingly fun and memorable time! She was born in Korean tutor los angeles, South Korea, the second of four children.

She didn't start Martial Arts at a very young age because she was athletic in all kinds of sports and competed with her elementary school's track team. The coach at the school she graduated from wanted her to go to a competitive phys. I also have three years of broad experience living, working, and doing volunteer work in South Korea.

I excel at simplifying Korean grammar and helping students quickly accelerate from beginner to intermediate, and intermediate to advanced. I am a strong partner for ability in your own individual study and am also an excellent conversation partner. Would you like to talk in Korean? Do you want to sing along K-pop?

Are you going to have a job interview in Korean? Are you going to study abroad in Korea? Let's try it. I can help you. I have a job and adult training related experiences more ten years in Korea. If you have any needs about Korean, I can provide effective and practical solutions. I can help you learn Korean and the culture.

If you will get a clear reason why you learn Korean, I can de the class for your goal and needs. I have Human Resources Management and adult training experiences more ten years in Korea. If you have any ne. Hi, there! My name is Suyeon.

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I've been teaching private lessons since and have loved helping my students how to read korean, conversations, and translation as well. I'm very patient and friendly and my teaching style is based on your interest and ability. Los Angeles is one of the most ideal places in the United States to learn Korean. With a Korean tutor los angeles population of Korean Americans, LA is one of the best cities to enjoy Korean traditions like art, food, and culture.

The Korean-American community has grown ificantly since the Immigration Reform Act was passed in There are approximately 1. Language is embedded in culture, but it can be easily forgotten if cultural rituals are not practiced regularly. Korean Americans in Los Angeles try their best to hold on to their tradit.

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KCCLA allows guests to experience Korean traditions and history through specialized programs, sponsored events, an art gallery, and a collection of educational resources. Los Angeles hosts numerous Korean heritage festivals throughout the year. Founded inthe LA Korean Festival is a highly-anticipated event, and a wonderful opportunity to experience and enjoy Korean culture and history. Learning Korean is not always easy, but you will have a better overall learning experience if you have access Korean tutor los angeles the culture, history, and traditions.

With so many excellent learning resources, Los Angeles is an ideal city to learn Korean. Looking for some fun ways to practice your Korean language skills? Learning Korean can be daunting for beginners.

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Of course, working with a Korean teacher will help you get started with the alphabet and correct pronunciation of the different letter combinations. From there, practice makes perfect! So how can you practice? Here are five fun ways to practice speaking Korean …. Learning the Korean s is necessary to read, write, and speak Korean tutor los angeles Korean. In this article, we'll show you how to count in Korean from 1— The Korean system is complex, but with a little practice, anyone can learn it!

Korean tutor los angeles are two different of s in Korean: Korean s and Sino-Korean s. The two can cause some confusion, so let's look at the differences between them, so you can learn how to count in Korean. An Intro to Korean Numb …. When you're studying Korean, it's fun to learn about various Korean holidays. Mark your calendar, here are the major and minor Korean holidays. Along with the national holidays, in South Korea, the 14th of each month is a fun, unofficial holiday. Read on for a list of all the holidays and celebrations! Diary Day January 14th At the beginning of the new year, it's customary for friends and loved ones to trade diaries, journals, and planners.

Friends and family members write down imp …. Korean Lessons in Los Angeles. Amazing Teachers. In person or online. Background Check This teacher successfully passed a thorough criminal background check with SterlingBackcheck. This badge verifies trusted teacher status. Minyoung S. Teaching Locations: Teacher's Studio. Quick View. Private Korean Teacher Each lesson will be based on a theme where we will focus on specific vocabs and phrases related to it.

About Minyoung Hi! Recent Reviews. Suyoun K. Teaching Locations: Online.

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Private Korean Teacher I have taught English to Koreans back in Seoul for more than 8 years, so I know exactly how different these two Korean tutor los angeles are. About Suyoun Hello! Hyo Min L. Private Korean Teacher This course is for all ages and levels and also is family friendly.

Matthew K. Teaches Online. Book Now. Cheol P. Private Korean Teacher Would you like to talk in Korean? About Cheol Hong Would you like to talk in Korean? Suyeon L. About Suyeon Hi, there! Browse Online Teachers. A Better Way to Learn. Top rated instructors guide you in every step of your journey. Your style, your pace. Customized lessons deed for you. Try a lesson.

If you're not satisfied we'll refund your unused balance.

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Connect Locally or Online. No matter where you live, chances are we can introduce you to an amazing Korean teacher in your neighborhood. You can take lessons in the privacy of your own home or at your teacher's location. Is your dream Korean teacher on the other side of the country?

No problem. Now, you can meet your teacher online on your smartphone or using a webcam on your computer. The world is your classroom! Find your perfect Korean teacher in under 3 minutes. Need help finding the right teacher? Call our friendly student counselors at

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Korean Lessons in Los Angeles. Amazing Teachers.