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This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. Guys, it's time to cut the cord! When you compare your wife to your mom, you are putting her in an awkward situation. Don't expect that the family you are creating together is going to look like the family you grew up in!

Let your wife be your wife! I told her when we got married 16 years ago How often do you go out of your way to communicate your feelings to her in a way that she feels Lady wants real sex MN Saint michael 55376 and loved? The Bible says in Colossians That is pretty straightforward. What words and what tone are you using to communicate that you love her and value her? Guys, I know how confusing this is! Because she doesn't want you to solve her problem She wants you to empathize and understand where she is coming from. This is hard for us as guys because our natural tendency is to run it through our own perspective and our own way of thinking, and if we don't feel that way, then we think, "You shouldn't feel that way!

MEN - remove from your vocabulary the phrase, "You shouldn't feel that way!

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Men are like microwaves, women are like crock pots! Men can heat up in 30 seconds, women need to be turned on early and allowed to simmer throughout the day! So guys, what Lady wants real sex MN Saint michael 55376 you doing to romance her and turn on the crock pot? Are you showing her affection? Are you texting her in the middle of the day to let her know she is on your mind? Are you telling her that you value Lady wants real sex MN Saint michael 55376 Are you helping out around the house?

Those are small emotional connections for her that make sex with you desireable! If you are not doing those things, it doesn't matter how suave you think you are, you cannot expect her to want to have sex with you when you haven't laid the foundation of connecting with her emotionally! Security in marriage is built on trust! If there is anything in your life that is hidden or topics that are off limits to discuss, it erodes her sense of security! Be proactive about protecting yourself from things that have the potential to destroy your marriage! If you struggle with porn, or frequently check out other women, or make comments about female celebrities, you are eroding the security that your wife finds in your marriage because you are always comparing her to others!

She needs a guy who is totally into her! Security and intimacy in marriage is built on trust, so what are you doing to protect yourself, your marriage, and your family? If you need resources regarding help with porn addiction, you can do so anonymously and without judgment by clicking here. Guys are hunters! Once we have the catch, we stop hunting!

When you were dating, you would actually shower, pull up in your car to take her out, cue your Backstreet Boys mix tape to set the mood, and open the door for her when she came out to meet you. Whatever you did to get her attention when you were dating Never stop in your attempts to win her attention and affection! I hope that you found 1 or 2 things that you can apply to help you with your marriage this week!

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Husbands, love your wives and never treat them harshly. If you need resources regarding help with porn addiction, you can do so anonymously and without judgment by clicking here 6. Now you sit in the driveway, honk at her to hurry up, and wonder why the romance is dead! Thank Reply Share. The rules of replying: Be respectful.

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Lady wants real sex MN Saint michael 55376

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